Thursday, September 29, 2011

Back to Blogging

It's been poor neglected blog.

It's been a very busy, emotional couple of months. We were busy getting Tyler squared away for college. Preparing before we left home was lots of work, but there was even more work once we arrived there.

Before leaving home, Tyler indicated his church denomination of choice and we researched a church in the area. I made contact with them well before we left home, letting them know we'd be visiting with them and about Tyler living there for school etc. They were very nice in their response to me and were even nicer in person. Very welcoming and many "mothers" stopping to reassure me he'd be well taken care of. A few people offered rides each week and indicated they'd make sure he had a way there. He felt comfortable there right from the word go.

We spent a weekend in the city...looking around and getting him familiar with his new surroundings. We met for lunch with our very first piano teacher (who also now lives in that city).

The day we dropped him off, was a very emotional one for all of us. It's one thing to go to a new school, but when it's far away from home, it adds a whole new dimension.

It's been just over three weeks and aside from the usual settling in pains, he seems to be doing very well. He likes his classes, his professors, his class mates and his room mates. He's meeting people at the church and attending events there. One family in particular has been really nice to him....driving him to and from church each week and even treating him to lunch one Sunday after church.

He got 100% on his first Photoshop assignment (but claims it was the first one so the professor wasn't too tough on them...hmmm...)

He's made an oral presentation and feels comfortable with the job he did on that (takes after me ;) lol )

Here is his first 3D Modelling project (animation class). He says it's challenging but fun. (Click to enlarge)

Keep up the good work, Ty!