Thursday, February 26, 2009

Shades of Blue (click pics to enlarge)

Ships passing through our back yard...

It was a beautiful day here on The Rock today...lots of sunshine. The ocean and the sky were sooo many shades of blue! It was still one or two below zero C (28 - 30 F)...but with the sun shining so brightly...we didn't mind.

We all got out today. Tyler was out several times (even if one of those times was to help Larry clean out the chimney pipes ;0)). Jake and Brittney headed off the library and I went out back for a bit to soak in the ocean air.

It sure felt like spring was in the air!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Iceberg gone missing?

I the handy dandy iceberg finder map...says there are no active icebergs. does a large 'blocky' iceberg simply disappear off the radar??? It's beyond me...I am a little disappointed (ok....a lot disappointed)....but no is still very early.

It's not that reliable of a map anyway. Last year all of the icebergs we had in our 'backyard' were there long before they even showed up on the map. Silly map. Hmmm...I just had a thought.....maybe he's on the move and his new location hasn't been picked up by the radar....time will tell I guess.

Whatever is happening....I'm still waiting and watching though! Eventually, some will come along!

In the meantime....if any of you happen to see 'my' lost iceberg.....please send him on home....ok? ;0)

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Woo Hoo....Icebergs on their way???

I've been watching ...... and haven't spotted any of 'my own' icebergs yet....but a quick check of iceberg finder shows one already spotted just off of Bonavista the grand scheme of things....not too far from us. Woo Hoo!!!

I love seeing the icebergs.......they're chunky yet beautiful and yet graceful all at the same time. It's intriguing to watch them. They look like little chunks of snow floating along...when they're way out there in the ocean. As they get closer to shore...they get larger....and when they hit bottom....they get stuck in our little bay. It's amazing to watch them change over days and weeks. Some mornings, it looks like a completely different iceberg.

Mind you, it will probably be awhile yet (it was mid April last year), before they make their way down here....but I am watching....and waiting.......and hopeful they'll be earlier this year.

I'm off to make sure the camera batteries are charged and the binoculars are ready.

Stay soon as I spot one....I'll be snapping lots of pictures and of course putting them on here.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Snow Storms and attitudes

Click to enlarge pics...

Our deck and (lack of) snow as it appeared Feb. 11 Our deck taken today...after two 'large' storms....not a lot of difference in snow level from Feb. 11 Snow pile at the end of our driveway (looking down our driveway toward the ocean) Snowbanks on our road... Looking down our driveway toward the road.. Back of our house.... And...because I can't resist taking a picture of this ....

We've had two snow storms in the last three days.

Oh my....

The first one, on Wednesday, was supposed to deliver 30 cms (12 inches) of snow with high winds...100 plus km/h (60 miles per hour) thrown in for the mix. While we didn't get a lot of snow, we did get some. I think they were bang on with the winds though...I'm sure they were at least 100 kms/h....and most likely higher.

The next one was today. We were forecasted to get about 10 cms....again I don't think we got that much. I've posted some pictures taken today...and as you can see....there's not all that much snow....(which is ok by me). be the judge.....does it look like a lot of snow to you? Not exactly what we expected to encounter with all those warnings about Newfoundland winters.

One thing (and as you all know....there are many) that we find refreshing the way NLers view these storms. If there is a storm, or even if one is forecasted to hit....they shut down almost everything. Thinking about the safety of people seems to take precedence over the thought 'gotta show up for matter what the cost'. Schools (as well as many/most should have heard the list) are shut....and by that I mean in nobody goes in. Larry taught for 21 years for various boards while in Ontario. During those 21 years...there were TWO days (and one was when Mel called in the army .....insert eye roll here) in where schools were closed (and we had much worse winters and a lot more snow than we have here) Now...don't get me wrong....there were lots of 'snow days' where buses didn't run....but schools always remained opened and teachers, secretaries, janitors, EAs, etc. had to show up. Yep...gotta get there matter what the cost.

But not here....when there's a storm here or one coming, the schools are shut....for everyone. One day....the forecasted storm didn't start until mid-afternoon....but...the schools were shut for the whole day.'s all in the attitude. Sit tight, the storm will pass, everyone will be safe and we'll get back at it tomorrow.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

Chocolate from Brittney...

Hand-made card by Jake...

Inside of Jake's card...

We usually do something for Valentine's Day....some years more than others.

This year, I made each of the kids a bag with some various chocolates in them. They seemed quite happy when I brought them out this morning. I was surprised though when Jake and Brittney appeared with some gifts of their own.

Brittney gave me a heart shaped box of Hershey's carmel kisses. Mmmmmm. She was beaming from ear to ear....even when she turned to her dad and said, "I would have got you something too...but I didn't have any money left after buying Mom's."

Next came Jake. Above is the card he made for me. He'd been quite worried all week, mentioning Valentine's Day was fast approaching and we hadn't been into town lately. On Friday, while Larry and I were out for a bit, he decided he wasn't going to get to town before the day so found it necessary to come up with a creative plan. He looked through my chocolate stores and found some chocolate almond bark I had made up (it was extras and not for orders). The piece wasn't very large to begin with, but he broke that down into four smaller pieces. From there, he wrapped each piece up in wax for each of us. I should have snapped a picture of that before I ate it....but it didn't happen.

We still had some gift certificates from Christmas for a local later in the day we all loaded into the van and went out for supper.

All in all ..... it was a good day!

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Politician, Makeup Artist, Entrepreneur or a Baker

What to do...what to do....what to do....Oh My!

Jake is in quite a quandary as he now has four things he wants to be when he grows up.

"How am I supposed to choose?" he asks.

He loves politics. He listens to the news, knows the parties, their leaders, what their party colours are. He certainly has the personality for it.

He loves to give me makeovers. He does my hair. He puts makeup on me. He does my nails. He picks out earrings. He takes a 'before' picture and an 'after' picture ----- and NO (see....I'm learning to use that word already!) I will not be posting any of those pictures anytime soon! LOL

He loves to help in the kitchen. He's turned our kitchen into a restaurant...complete with an adult menu (for ages 16 - 109), a kids' menu, a drink menu ..... and our side door has a window in it that looks exactly like a drive yes we even have a drive through. He has an OPEN and CLOSED sign. His restaurant has hours (lunch only) that are posted on a sign outside our kitchen. Without fail, everyday he puts on his apron and hands out the menus. He's ummmm....convinced...Brittney to work for while he takes each person's order.....she gets to make it.

I often wonder what Jake will be when he grows up. It's sure interesting to be along for the ride as he tries to make up his mind.

Diagnosis and Homeschooling

As a lot of you know, my health for the last year and half hasn't been the best. I've visited many Doctors, Specialists and made many trips to the ER. Symptoms that were seemingly unrelated, some frightening while others were just annoying. Nobody could put a name to this illness...but it continued on. I was dx with frozen shoulder to gas....and everything in between. There was concern about breast cancer, ovarian cancer, liver cancer. I had X Rays, a CT scan, ultra sounds, blood work, a mammogram, a scope put down into my stomach....just to name a few. Finally....mid December I was dx with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.


I'm finding most people do not understand this illness. Part of the problem, I think, is the name. It implies...being tired....and well most people get tired. The fatigue I feel with this so much more than 'just being tired'. It goes much deeper than that. It is an extreme that cannot be fought. It's like trying to run a car on a flat tire....trying to squeeze just a few miles out of it. If the car is run with the flat starts to affect other parts of the car. This is what it feels like for me. I am exhausted at the best of times. If I actually do wears me out more. I start to swell and my body aches more. Most days I cannot make it around a grocery store. Sleep does not help.

The exhaustion is one thing....but the accompanying body aches are another thing. I feel like I've had a massive workout or ran several marathons .... every muscle in my body hurts....from my feet to my neck ( least I can say my face doesn't hurt lol).

Many people who have CFS are also dx with Fibromyalgia. Some articles I've read indicate these illness are related. Some articles say they are the same disease...but if the overwhelming symptom is fatigue...the dx CFS. If the overwhelming symptom is muscle aches, the dx is Fibromyalgia.

I've had people ask or hint about putting the kids back into school. Especially at this time, I'm so glad we do homeschool. I remember when Tyler and Brittney were in school....I could hardly keep up to the requirements then....and I was healthy. Homework to do, agendas to read and sign, note after note to read, sign, return or fill the request, lunches to pack, new indoor shoes to buy and send, projects to complete, costumes to prepare, money to send.....the list seemed to be endless. I can't imagine *having* to do all of that when moving around the house is a challenge. It's sooo much easier to curl up on the couch, under a blanket, with Jake beside me as we go over his English lesson for the day. We can map out our day to suit us....when it's convenient for us, whether that happens to be in the morning today and the afternoon makes no difference.

Then there are the kids...and Larry. They've all had to take on so much more. Brittney helps with supper. She takes turns doing the dishes. She had already been doing the laundry. She dusts the family room and dusts and vacuums her room.

Tyler helps with the dishes. He sweeps the kitchen after every meal. He helps with the dishes. Sometimes he even cooks lunch. He helps bring in the wood. He keeps his room in check. He vacuums the family room, the living room, our bedroom and the stairs if Larry is at work.

Jake sets the table. He does 'errands' around the house for me. He takes the fliers and newspapers down beside the woodstove. He helps Tyler and Larry bring bring in the wood.

Larry helps with the meals, does the grocery shopping, vacuums if he's not working, helps with the all of the usual 'Dad' things (outside work and earning the pay cheque).

I do not mean for this to be a pity post. Just the opposite. It comes by way of explanation. I may be down....for the time being....but I am not out. Not by a long shot. I am researching this. I've talked to many people who also have it. I've gotten some great resources. I think the biggest....and most difficult....thing for me to do....will be learning to say NO. Over the years, I've always been seen as being able to handle everything. People have had no problem dumping 'whatever' on to us....because they knew we would deal with and work it out. Not any more. Today is the day I need to learn the word NO.

Soo...I will not use my blog to whine (at least I will try not lol). I will update if I notice improvements.

Thanks, everyone!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Our Sunrise this morning

was absolutely beautiful! Our town's motto is "First To See The Sun" as we are the most easterly part of North America. My camera did not do it justice....but here it is just the same. These pics are taken off of our deck.

Click pics to enlarge....

Monday, February 2, 2009

What will we do now? (Click to enlarge pics)

Larry in our driveway at the deepest area of snow

Taken from our back yard

I just learned there are no groundhogs on the whole island of Newfoundland! I mean...I'd already 'heard' there are no snakes, skunks, deer, porcupines but didn't realize there aren't any groundhogs. groundhogs means no groundhog day, sooo *how* on earth will we be able to tell when our spring will arrive?


Somebody even went as far as to suggest with no groundhogs to predict when our spring will arrive....means we won't have any spring. Not really what I wanted to hear!

Oh well....I guess we'll just have to wait it out and see.

Above are some pictures showing our snow so far this year. Most of this fell during our last snowfall of January 31st.