Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

Chocolate from Brittney...

Hand-made card by Jake...

Inside of Jake's card...

We usually do something for Valentine's Day....some years more than others.

This year, I made each of the kids a bag with some various chocolates in them. They seemed quite happy when I brought them out this morning. I was surprised though when Jake and Brittney appeared with some gifts of their own.

Brittney gave me a heart shaped box of Hershey's carmel kisses. Mmmmmm. She was beaming from ear to ear....even when she turned to her dad and said, "I would have got you something too...but I didn't have any money left after buying Mom's."

Next came Jake. Above is the card he made for me. He'd been quite worried all week, mentioning Valentine's Day was fast approaching and we hadn't been into town lately. On Friday, while Larry and I were out for a bit, he decided he wasn't going to get to town before the day so found it necessary to come up with a creative plan. He looked through my chocolate stores and found some chocolate almond bark I had made up (it was extras and not for orders). The piece wasn't very large to begin with, but he broke that down into four smaller pieces. From there, he wrapped each piece up in wax for each of us. I should have snapped a picture of that before I ate it....but it didn't happen.

We still had some gift certificates from Christmas for a local later in the day we all loaded into the van and went out for supper.

All in all ..... it was a good day!

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!


Becky said...

How Sweet!
I also have a collection of "heartmade" cards.

yofed said...

Happy Valentine's day!