Saturday, February 21, 2009

Woo Hoo....Icebergs on their way???

I've been watching ...... and haven't spotted any of 'my own' icebergs yet....but a quick check of iceberg finder shows one already spotted just off of Bonavista the grand scheme of things....not too far from us. Woo Hoo!!!

I love seeing the icebergs.......they're chunky yet beautiful and yet graceful all at the same time. It's intriguing to watch them. They look like little chunks of snow floating along...when they're way out there in the ocean. As they get closer to shore...they get larger....and when they hit bottom....they get stuck in our little bay. It's amazing to watch them change over days and weeks. Some mornings, it looks like a completely different iceberg.

Mind you, it will probably be awhile yet (it was mid April last year), before they make their way down here....but I am watching....and waiting.......and hopeful they'll be earlier this year.

I'm off to make sure the camera batteries are charged and the binoculars are ready.

Stay soon as I spot one....I'll be snapping lots of pictures and of course putting them on here.


Becky said...

Can't wait!

I bet they are pretty in "real life" because the pics. are beautiful.

Catherine said...

Lovely photos of snow on your blog! I am following it for a few weeks now. Where I live in Ireland, Waterford, has strong Newfoundland connections from emigration in the 19th century. It looks an amazing place. There are festivals with celtic themes linking both our counties. It's nice to see how it is on an everyday basis! Please drop by my blog anytime and leave a comment or follow if you wish.

At Home on the Rock... said...

Becky....they *are* amazing in real life....I can just stand and look at them.

Catherine --- thanks for following my blog....Yes, Newfoundland does have a strong Irish connection. One of the tourist routes here is called "The Irish Loop". There are lots of Irish people here! Welcome to my blog!

Shannon said...

Can't wait to see the pics! I think icebergs are amazing, too!