Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Sad Anniversary

coming up in our house. We try to not dwell on the negative, but sometimes that is easier said than done.

April 30 marks this sad anniversary, being especially difficult for Jake. That was the date his best friend, David, lost his battle with cancer. He was 7 years old.

Jake first met David when they were babies sitting in their car seats. David's mom (who also happens to be named Linda) and I went to Coffee Break, which was a mom's group held at a local church. As the boys grew, they became good friends.

David was a wonderful little guy, always cheerful and always happy. Even though cancer took many things from him (like his sight and his ability to swallow), it never took his sunny disposition or touched his spirit. Never. Even up to the end, David always had a smile on his face.

It was difficult to explain death and cancer to Jake. Even though Jake had experienced a loss through death (his grandfather) we were able to explain that event to him as a natural event that happens when we get older.

But this was different...David was not old. It had a profound effect on Jake that still goes on to this day. Somehow, Jake has convinced himself it was his fault (simply because he was David's friend) that David got cancer. Many times since then, he's been sure he needs to stop being friends with a current buddy or buddies. On more than one occasion, I've had to stop him from ending a friendship. Why? ..... Because, his reasoning goes, if he stops being their friend then they won't get cancer.

We've had many conversations about this over the past four years and although he hasn't mentioned this in a few months now, I am concerned as this date is again approaching. It always brings up those not-so-good feelings. Jake has been looking at the calendar for several days already and I can see it in his eyes.

It seems step forward and two back.

Here are some pictures of Jake and David, taken at Jake's birthday parties. The first few are at Jake's 5th b/d party and just a few months before David's diagnosis of cancer.

Boys....being boys....they all thought it was funny to make faces for the pictures. I was unable to get a picture of them not making faces. Yes...boys will be boys.

David in on the fun of face making...

One year later at Jake's 6th birthday party. Yes....the boys are still making faces.

When David finished treatment, they had a party for him. This was taken at that party.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Are they on their way??

According to IcebergFinder.....some icebergs have been detected. (This link will only stay active as long as the icebergs are there)


As these are still quite a bit north....I'm wondering if they'll make their way this far south. Time will tell. I'm on the look out now (which makes my kids roll their eyes lol)...stay tuned!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

From years gone by... isn't looking too good for icebergs this year, although I do have a tiny bit of hope ...the air certainly feels like there is an iceberg or two floating around out there. A quick check of says different I'm trying to not get my hopes up (well...ok..perhaps a little).

Here are a couple of icebergs pics that I am reposting....they are from two years ago. That was our first year here, and we were (well...mostly me lol) in awe of them. There were a lot that year and I named them all (all names starting with "I")....which made my kids think I'd inhaled too much salt air. I remember Jake asked me, "If ever an iceberg comes in that isn't yours, could I have it? I'd really like to have one of my own." LOL are a couple we saw from our backyard.

*Click to enlarge them*.....they're so much nicer!

This one is Iqbal....and I have this as my desktop pic

Oh my...I forget this one's name....but it started with I...hmm...maybe Igor?

Stay tuned....if I do spot any....I'll be sure to post them here.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

New Friends

We had the great opportunity to meet some new friends yesterday. Now, we've 'known' them for awhile.....through our blogs and our like-minded quests for life on the beautiful island of Newfoundland.

We've been following their journey as they prepared to do make a move, very similar to the one we did almost three years ago. They came from further away, so their trek was longer and they do have some distant connections to the island, but basically they had the same sort of thoughts we did.

They arrived a little while ago and have been busy settling in. Yesterday, they made the trip to this part of the island....and were able to stop in for a visit!

It was great to meet them in person! Their kids are very close in age to ours....and they all hung out in the basement, playing games, video games and such. We all walked back by the ocean and took a look at that (mainlanders....we're all fascinated by the ocean ;)). Unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures (even though I put fresh batteries in it just before they came) I have none...but here is a link to Katie's blog post about their visit, along with some pictures she took both of this area, and some other places they visited while getting here. Click here

Saturday, April 3, 2010

That time of year, again

Not this morning, but a few days ago....and just because (click to enlarge)

We are still in the tail end of this year's burning season, but it is time to start getting ready for the next one. We had logs delivered last fall, where they've been sitting all winter. Larry also took a few trees from our property. But....seeing as the snow has's now time to deal with the pile.

Larry and Tyler have spent the last two mornings, carting them up and then sawing them. Hopefully, one more morning should do it for the cutting part...then comes the splitting and stacking. Brittney and Jake (and hopefully I will be well enough to pitch in too) will help with the stacking part. Our goal, as long as the weather co-operates, is to have most of it done by the end of the week.

Bringing the logs up

Tyler is sooo strong!

Positioning it just right

The fun part... (and Tyler trying to hide from the camera....he is sooo different from his brother ;0)

Carting more logs..

Still more...

The pile so far...