Sunday, June 27, 2010

Motorcycle Rides and Sunrises

Our friends Joan and Keith invited us over for a BBQ on Saturday. Come for the day and we'll keep it simple they said. Hmmm...steaks they served....and huge ones at that...far from simple....but ooohh sooo delicious!! mmmmm

After supper, Keith asked what we thought about going out for a ride on his motorcycle. Hmmm....wearing a skort, tank top and sandals....I was hardly dressed for such an occasion...but no worries Joan said....we'll fix you up.

She let me borrow her chaps (leather pants), boots and socks, her motorcycle jacket (which has built in elbow pads...they felt similar to hockey players' pads) and her helmet. The helmet was equipped with a Keith and I could talk back and forth without yelling, as we went along.

It was a beautiful day....sunny and lots of blue sky. The area we are from in Ontario is quite flat compared to the never-ending, steep hills of Newfoundland. The WOW factor of many of these hills are quite often more than enough for us to get used of. Just imagine what it was like on the the motorcycle! We toured around Maddox Cove/Petty Harbour (picture here...scroll down a bit).....beautiful small town...before returning 45 minutes later to St. John's.

Breath-taking, beautiful and amazing ride!!!

When we was Larry's turn.

Needless to say...after the yummy dinner and a ride through the open clean air of Newfoundland....we all slept very well!!

Thanks Joan and Keith!

As per usual ...I did not have my camera and didn't get any pictures. Hmmm...guess I'll have to get another ride...just so I can get some pictures... ;)

The sun gets up so early....and it gets really light long before the sun peaks up over the ocean's edge.

Here's what 5:00 a.m. this morning looked like in Pouch Cove....

Friday, June 25, 2010

Moon over Pouch Cove

Trying out my new camera....bear with me lol

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Homeschool, Highschool, Graduate

We have a highschool graduate in our home today!

(Click on pictures to enlarge them)

Congratulations, Tyler!!

Last night our homeschooling group held it's annual graduation/year end celebration. The kids always look forward to this night and this year there was an extra special event....Tyler, along with one other girl graduated from grade 12!! A member of the board mentioned to us, they wanted to do something extra to make it a bit more special for the 'graduates'. It was decided they would wear a cap and gown.

The first part of the evening was a talent show. Each child could perform something of their choosing. Many played the piano, but there was a clarinet solo, a couple of drum solos, a skit, some singing and a couple of poetry readings. The only glitch to this part of the evening.....for some reason, Tyler, Brittney and Jake's name/activity/song title did not get onto the program. They were upset, but Jake was devastated. He wanted to come home...and even though we spoke to the MC and he easily made a spot for them, Jake was still quite upset. All through the other performances, he kept saying he was too upset to go up and play..but I kept encouraging him and reassuring him all would be ok. When his turn came, the ole' Jake we all know came through and he played his piece (Home Run Harry) very well! (Complete with Jake jumping off the stage after his performance...which prompted the MC to comment that "Harry obviously got a home run.")

Tyler performed "Moonlight Sonata" and Brittney played "Pastoral"

All the kids of the group did well and it was great to see what a wide variety of talent present in our group.

After the performances were done, the kids retreated to another room in order to get organized for the certificates. While that was happening, a video (made up of pictures that we each sent in of our family taken oven the year) was shown to the parents/grandparents/friends etc.

After some instruction....the K - 11 group entered the room. Each one was called up and received their certificate. They all looked so happy and proud as they received their certificate (and so they should...they've all worked so hard!!).

With that part finished, the lights went up, the music started (Pomp and Circumstance) and the two graduates entered the room. It was very emotional moment for me....It seems like yesterday I was taking Tyler to kindergarten....and now he is graduating?!? ...... What happened to all that time in between?

After they arrived on the stage, Tim, (the MC) spoke to them...congratulating them on all their hard work as well as encouraging them for their future. Hmmm...did I mention it was an emotional night??

Congratulations Tyler!!!

Tim (MC for the evening), Sarah (chair of our homeschool board), Tyler

Tim, Sarah, Tyler and Jake

Leah (the other graduate), Tyler

Brittney receiving her certificate

Jake receiving his certificate

Tyler performing his piano solo

Brittney at home before we left

Jake at home before we left

Tyler at home before we left

Some of our homeschooling group. In the first picture, the other little guy making the face, is a good friend of Jake's. Go figure, eh?

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Getting closer?

Sooo....according to Iceberg Finder....there is one al.most here.

*Happy Dance*

Hoping it makes it's way here...just a little bit further (and that piece of land to maneuver around ;) )

I'm watching and my camera ready...stay tuned!!