Sunday, June 27, 2010

Motorcycle Rides and Sunrises

Our friends Joan and Keith invited us over for a BBQ on Saturday. Come for the day and we'll keep it simple they said. Hmmm...steaks they served....and huge ones at that...far from simple....but ooohh sooo delicious!! mmmmm

After supper, Keith asked what we thought about going out for a ride on his motorcycle. Hmmm....wearing a skort, tank top and sandals....I was hardly dressed for such an occasion...but no worries Joan said....we'll fix you up.

She let me borrow her chaps (leather pants), boots and socks, her motorcycle jacket (which has built in elbow pads...they felt similar to hockey players' pads) and her helmet. The helmet was equipped with a Keith and I could talk back and forth without yelling, as we went along.

It was a beautiful day....sunny and lots of blue sky. The area we are from in Ontario is quite flat compared to the never-ending, steep hills of Newfoundland. The WOW factor of many of these hills are quite often more than enough for us to get used of. Just imagine what it was like on the the motorcycle! We toured around Maddox Cove/Petty Harbour (picture here...scroll down a bit).....beautiful small town...before returning 45 minutes later to St. John's.

Breath-taking, beautiful and amazing ride!!!

When we was Larry's turn.

Needless to say...after the yummy dinner and a ride through the open clean air of Newfoundland....we all slept very well!!

Thanks Joan and Keith!

As per usual ...I did not have my camera and didn't get any pictures. Hmmm...guess I'll have to get another ride...just so I can get some pictures... ;)

The sun gets up so early....and it gets really light long before the sun peaks up over the ocean's edge.

Here's what 5:00 a.m. this morning looked like in Pouch Cove....


Renee said...

Oh what fun!!!! Hearing about your adventure too me back many years....Joel had a motocycle when I met him....and we used to ride some. Then one summer we helped his brother on the farm and I used to ride the smaller motorcycle through the fields and on the gravel roads! Goodness...that was a long time ago.

Justme said...

Beautiful pics!!
So..we have arrived. And so far, I believe half the town has told me I "can't" homeschool here...well, that sure got my back up. "Wanna bet?" I ask 'em...just watch me!

At Home on the Rock... said...

@ Just me...glad you arrived...I've been wondering how your journey was progressing! Glad you made it ok. I'll email you a bit later.

Dominique said...

You live in an amazing part of the world. Glorious photos of the sunrise. Wow!

I, too, like Renee used to ride but several years after getting FMS I discovered the air pushing against my body as I was riding would cause me to have a severe crash so I had to let it go.

I'm glad you were able to enjoy your ride though.

Thank you for those amazing sunrise shots!