Monday, May 18, 2009

Long weekend

It was a quiet weekend here at our house. Tyler and Brittney headed off to Spring Forth which is a youth retreat/camp. A few youth groups from Newfoundland were there as well as one from New Brunswick.

That left us and Jake home alone. It was rather quiet lol. Jake was looking forward to being "an only child" but half way through the weekend he told us how much he missed his brother and sister (I hope he remembers that the next time a battle breaks out).

We took Jake to Timmies (Tim Horton's a coffe shop chain) a couple of times for hot chocolate and donuts. We went out for breakfast and went shopping. I think he enjoyed having us all to himself... but did I mention how quiet it was?

Tyler and Brittney had an awesome time. Apparently, camping facilities have greatly improved from the 'olden days' when I went to church camp. Our cabins were just that...cabins. No fancy walls (just the studs where we were encouraged to write our name, where we were from and the date), no heat, no washrooms (one huge washroom area located down a long path). There were about 10 - 12 bunk beds per cabin and that was it.

Tyler and Brittney's cabins were, by the descriptions we got, much improved. There were 3 - 4 bedrooms per cabin. There was a washroom with a shower in each cabin as well as heat and many things, games etc. to do. The food was awesome and there was too much (if Brittney can be filled up....that means there *was* too much food...she loves to eat and people are amazed at the amount she can pack away.)

The campers returned home....tired but happy. Hopefully, they get well rested tonight.



That sounds really great! I wish I knew about that camp - maybe next year for Riley!

Shannon said...

Sounds like fun! Our camp has cabins with 10 bunks (for 8 campers plus 2 staff) in each, nothing fancy. The washroom block is a short walk from all the cabins. The staff lodge is the newest building and it has 4 bedrooms with bunks and a common area in the centre. In the winter campers use the staff lodge during Deep Freeze because it can be heated by wood stove. All in all, I love the place! I think camps are very special places!

My kids also like the opportunity to be 'onlies' but they also miss their brothers when you get right down to it. I haven't figured out a good way of reminding them of that when an argument comes up though! lol!