Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Morning walk... (click pics to enlarge)

It was a gorgeous morning here on The Rock today. I think summer has *finally* arrived. I went to the back to see what was new there. Not much...but the sun was shining on the ocean, the sky was blue, the waves were gently crashing against the rocks and it was as nice as ever. This is what it looked like:

We're quite high up, although it's difficult to know how high. Even looking down, it's difficult to see just how high up we are...but here is a shot looking down over the edge. That's the top of a tree....

So I got the bright idea to go here and take a picture from a different vantage point..trying to show the height. Here is where I went (red arrow)

And this is what it looks like from there. I'm at the top of that crevice (as marked by the red arrow in the previous pic.) Can you see our bench?

Look closely..

Here's a hint...it's off to the right (*grin*)

Give up?

O.K....scroll down

Here it is marked with the red arrow. Click on the pic and it will come up a bit bigger.

And again....

A bit closer up


Renee said...

WOW! There is nothing more I can say..it is all so beautiful.
Thanks for sharing with us landlocked people :)

Becky said...

You live in a photograph! You know like the ones on those calendars with the pretty pics. That is it you could make a calendar!

Love the pics. as always!!!

Shannon said...

Gorgeous! I'd love to wake up in the morning and see that view!