Sunday, November 22, 2009

Battle of the Sexes

We had two chocolate sales to go to on Saturday (and I forgot my no pictures).

One was the Farmers' Market and the other a women's breakfast.

Seeing as Brittney and I are the only women, we went to that one. We first had to eat a beautiful buffet breakfast....bacon, sausages, ham, eggs, fresh fruit, muffins, hash browns, toast, orange juice and coffee ...... was rough but somebody had to sacrifice and do it....who better than Brittney and I? *wink*

Jake had been excited for a few weeks....declaring it "The Battle of the Sexes". He was determined his team would sell the most and win.

He was rounding up support all week....telling everyone he met.

Saturday morning came, we headed off. Larry and Jake dropped us off and continued on to their show. Jake was on pins and needles all morning....but had his game plan down. Larry even left him alone, at the booth, while he scooted back across town to pick Brittney and I up.

After the shows were over, we headed home to tally up the money. Jake could hardly contain himself as Larry counted......................

and the winners were:

The Women!!!

I kinda felt bad and was worried Jake would be so upset. He tried so hard and is very sensitive. I do believe, out of the four of us, he worked the hardest. As I pointed out to him was two totally different venues. Ours was a one time deal....theirs is a regular weekly event. Ours had 200+ women, with only 6 vendors....the market has several vendors (many of them food) from which to choose.

Surprisingly, he was ok with it all. He congratulated Brittney and I, shook our hands and patted our backs....with one warning,

"Just you wait until next year.....things *WILL* be different."

Oh my......


Becky said...

Sorry for Jake but....
Women & Chocolate
he had no

Jacqueline said...

He is just toooo cute!

Miranda said...

I just love reading about Jake's ambition, exploits, drive and wisdom. I am just about the farthest thing from the entrepreneur he seems destined to be. My inclinations and life choices have all swung in a totally opposite direction. I come from a long line of socialists and bleeding hearts. But in posts like these, in Jake's personality and adventures, I catch a glimpse of the very best of what can drive business ambitions. There's an innocence and enthusiasm in Jake that forces me to admit that there is virtue in his style of entrepreneurship. Go Jake!

At Home on the Rock... said...

Thanks, ladies.

Becky....I tried to explain that very fact to him...not sure if he totally grasped that concept or not lol.

Miranda...I too am totally opposite of Jake (just not a sales person at all)....actually the rest of us are opposite of Jake, but I'm the polar opposite. It made for some interesting times when he was younger....trying to meet his need to be noticed and mine to go un-noticed. Not sure where he gets it from....but it's always been there. His first entrepreneurial idea at age 7 was to sell marshmallows from the side of the road....for $50.00 each (and he was all ready to do so...had his sign, his marshmallows and was headed out the door)

Shannon said...

Breakfast sounds lovely! Congrats to you and Brittney; really though, I think you had the easier venue! lol!

I think Jake and Andrew would get along well. A couple of years ago Andrew was the driving force behind the kids setting up a stand at the end of our driveway to sell polished rocks. They found some pretty rocks (and some rather plain ones), painted them with clear nail polish and sold them for between a nickel and a quarter each. They actually made a few dollars!!!

I'm glad Jake had fun - maybe he could have a stand at a men's breakfast and encourage the men to make purchases for their wives?! It would surely be a hit!

At Home on the Rock... said...

That sounds like an excellent idea, Shannon!