Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Brittney is 16!

Hard to believe where the time has gone....

Happy Birthday, Brittney!

Some pics from her weekend-long celebration..

Cake at our place

"Brittney" made by Jake, out of chocolate chip cookies

Cake made for Brittney, by her friend

Flowers from her friend's family

Ahhh...brotherly/sisterly love


Justme said...

Wish her a Happy Birthday for us! I LOVE the choc. chip cookie name! Looks quite yummy :)

Catherine said...

Happy Birthday Brittney! What a lovely age to be - seems along time ago and I have a 14 year old so just over a year we'll have that milestone! They grow up so fast now - 14 seems to be the new 16 or 18! Glad you had a nice celebration and what lovely cakes and cookies!
All the best, Catherine.

Renee said...

Happy Birthday Brittany! What fun it looks like everyone had...16! A very special time in our lives.

Becky said...

Happy Birthday Brittney!!

Linda, she is a very pretty young lady and I know you are proud of her. She seems like a really nice sister too. And LUCKY... 2 cakes, cookies and pizza!

Great Job on the cookie Jake!

dominique said...

Happy Birthday Britney! Sweet 16. Boy does that feel like a life time ago!

Jake: I love the cookie idea! Nice touch!

Christine Burgess said...

What wonderful birthday surprises. I really love the cookie idea too.

Harrison Family said...

Happy sweet 16!!!!