Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Interesting few days

for those who have been following Newfoundland Politics!

Jake with Mr. Brad Cabana

As I've discussed here before, Jake has always had a real interest in politics.

What an excellent learning opportunity this has been for a first-hand look at our political system and how it (democracy) works (or should that democracy is supposed to work?). It has been a real eye opener for sure! We've covered so many topics in these past few days (because it has touched on so many things), as well as watching history in the making. Not something we could ever learn from a text book.


Justme said...

That must have been great for Jake! For sure you won't get THAT out of a book.

Renee said...

How great for Jake!! Nothing like the real deal to help educate us!

dominique said...

This is one of the most rewarding parts of home-schooling: the application of real life situtations to the subject that is being studied.

Awesome! I'm sure Jake will not soon forget this lesson!

Brad Cabana said...

Jake, you are a natural people person, and have a good heart to do things for the right reasons. That will never let you down. You also look great in that jacket b'y!! Brad Cabana