Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Congrats, Ty!

As I've posted before, Tyler finished up his last year of homeschooling in June. He's been homeschooled for 8 years (most of them in Ontario). Since graduating from grade 12 last June, he's been doing a couple of University courses as well as working at Swiss Chalet.

Monday, he wrote his first University Exam (actually, being homeschooled, it was his first exam ever). Today, he got his mark back.

........ 80% (Entrepreneurship)

Way to go, Ty! Congrats!


Justme said...

Such wonderful news! Pass on our congrats to him many times as you'd like in fact. An excellent job!

Renee said...

Super! You must be so proud mom!!

Brad Cabana said...

Well done Tyler, Uni level and 80%.. just goes to show what Home Schooling can do! Congratulations. Katie