Thursday, May 9, 2013

It's been awhile!

Thought I'd drop in and post and update, seeing as it has been almost a year since my last post.

 Tyler has now finished his second year of post secondary education. It's interesting to see the changes in him each time he comes home and we're more than proud of the person he is becoming.

 I remember our first year of homeschooling, he was starting grade five and Brittney grade three. We were only about one month into it, when we received in the mail, a hand-written letter from a very concerned relative. The tone was very condescending as she made quite clear her thoughts on how we were ruining our children by homeschooling. There was a bit of everything in there and all the usual (plus some) "concerns" about homeschooling were covered. I was still a bit nervous, even though I'd researched it for a whole year. One of the assurances from seasoned homeschoolers seemed to be, "the proof would be in the pudding". 

We now find ourselves at that point.

 Tyler completed his second year with an overall average of 89%, which included a final mark of 100% in one course. He is well-adjusted, very focused on his studies and has great social skills (the concerns of most people when they hear "Homeschooling".) He worked during his first year of college and on all of his breaks (Christmas and summer)in order to put himself through school.

 Brittney is doing equally as well. Her average is well over 90%, she is self-motivated as she completes her courses through distance and on her own. Weekends are spent working as she too saves for her next set of courses (which she will most likely go away for).

 Jake continues on at home and is also growing in areas he previously had difficulty with (ie... sitting still lol) 

I'm often tempted to write a letter of response to the well-meaning but misguided relative to let her know, all is well. Homeschooling didn't ruin them and is one of the best decisions we ever made.


Miranda Hughes said...

Pretty awesome update. Great to hear how well your kids are doing, and how comfortable you are about the choices you've made.

Renee said...

Great news from a proud mama! Our daughter is going to start homeschooling next fall....I am expecting a lot of opinions to be expressed.