Wednesday, July 29, 2009

On To Ontario

Finally...after a few days on the road...we were in Ontario. It felt a little strange, being back in our home province for the first time since leaving two years ago. Driving on the 401 soon came back to us (well...mostly Larry as he was the one driving).

Our first stop was my friend Lori's house. She is a fellow homeschooler who has made many of the same life choices we have and some of our journeys have been quite similar.

It was great to see her and her daughter again. Unfortunately, we missed her husband as he had to work. That's ok (well ...not really..we would have liked to see him.....but ....we're hoping they will come and visit us soon as well.)

It was a great afternoon....the kids, even though their ages are varied, all fit together well. They swam, played basketball, ran, laughed, swam, played get the picture....while the adults visited.

Lori had a wonderful lunch for us...(more like a dinner). Yummmmy!!!

After lunch, we visited some more while the kids continued with their activities. After an all too short time though, it was time to gather everyone up and head on to our destination.

It's always nice to visit...but so hard to say goodbye. This time was no exception. After our extended good byes...we headed westward to Port Perry.

This is where everything started to explode in many different directions. Everyone had someone different they wanted to see... After some discussion, it was to grandpa and grandma's first. It was sooo good to see seemed like forever since we saw them. After a brief visit though, we headed on to our hotel. (Our friends, Kathie and Larry had graciously offered to put us up at their house for the two weeks...but, we were ahead of schedule so decided to check into a hotel for the night rather than showing up at their house a day early. Not a surprise they would appreciate lol.)

My life-long friend, Tammie, happens to work at a hotel, so you can guess where we decided to stay. We'd pre booked a room with two double beds and hoped there would be enough room for our blow up bed we always cart along. Imagine my surprise....when Larry returned to the van announcing we'd been upgraded..... to a Jacuzzi suite!! Hmmmm...upgraded? to a jacuzzi suite??? sounded *really* interesting. We could hardly wait to see just *what* this upgraded room looked like....surely larger and nicer than we were used of having. It was beyond what we ever was a HUGE Suite....two huge rooms...a King sized bed in one room, a queen pull out in the other..and french doors between the two.....a huge jacuzzi tub, two big screen tvs, a microwave, fridge and did I mention there were two huge rooms?

Also thrown into the package was a late check out time plus a couple of other perks. I could hardly wait to call Tammie on the phone....Thank You hardly seemed enough....but we were so thankful to be in such a beautiful suite! Thank you Tammie!!

Jacuzzi in our suite


Shannon said...

Very nice!!! Aren't surprises like that wonderful?!

Renee said...

What a great hotel suite..and friend! Sounds like you had so much fun seeing everyone after two long years.

Becky said...

Gald of your surprises were good ones. Blessings are wonderful.