Saturday, July 18, 2009

Visit to Ontario -- part two

(Note....I am still having a lot of trouble getting on to my own blog, as well as others I visit. I can't comment on most of them...which frustrates me because I usually have something to say! ;) Not sure why I'm having these problems but hopefully it will be straightened out soon!)

The ferry ride over to Nova Scotia....was a little bit....ummmm.....rolly. *grin* I kind of liked the feeling, but Brittney....well not so much lol. A fellow passenger generously gave her some gravol and after a bit of a nap...she felt quite a bit better. This particular crossing took around 6 hours. It was supposed to be shorter but I'm sure the ocean conditions lengthened out the crossing.

After disembarking from the ferry, we drove through Cape Breton to the mainland part of Nova Scotia where we spent the night. We have good friends in Nova Scotia who we always enjoy visiting with on our way through. We met Rick and Shirley and their children Sandy and Jenna while camping in PEI one summer. They happened to be at the same campground again the next we exchanged emails and have been good friends ever since. It's great to visit with friends and we always enjoy their company....catching up on the latest and noticing how much all the kids have grown. Rick and Shirley always provide a wonderful meal for us (and feed us well). This time was no exception! (The first of many wonderful meals we had provided for us along the way. We certainly did not go hungry on this trip....not at all...and I have the waistline to prove it!)

Here are a few pics of our visit with Shirley and Rick:

Mmm....Dinner! Rick and Shirley are at the front, beside Rick is Sandy and his girlfriend beside him. You know Brittney and tucked in behind her is Jenna.

After dinner, the kids decided to burn off some of that good food and work out the we've-been-sitting-in-the-van-for-too-long wiggles.

It looked like Sandy and his girlfriend decided to join in

After an all too short visit (it's so hard to say good bye once again....but we're working on convincing them to come visit us in NL) we left and continued on our journey toward Ontario. That night, we made it as far as Woodstock, New Brunswick which is about 2 hours away from the Quebec border. The next morning we were up in good time and on the road by 6:45. a.m .... but with the hour we gained from crossing a time was actually 5:45. That gave us a great day of driving covering almost 1100 kms (660 miles).... we got through New Brunswick and Quebec, putting us into eastern Ontario. We were ahead of schedule...which is always a good thing!

Not long after entering Ontario...we were greeted by this...(click on pic to enlarge it and see the long line up of cars on the other side)

Oh no....we are no longer used of this much traffic! (remember my pics of our first day driving across NL). We were wondering....would we be able to handle these things we *used* to deal with on a daily basis?

Time would tell.


Renee said...

I was excited to see part two of your visit to Ontario. I got out my trusty atlas and sat down to read..following along with you.
Have I ever told you we have good friends in Kenora Ontario..she was maid of honor at my wedding and also good friends who run a camp in the bush around Kenora.
Beautiful country.

At Home on the Rock... said...

Thanks, Renee!

I believe you did mention you had a good friend in Kenora, but I didn't realize she was your maid of honor or that they ran a camp. It is beautiful country in Northern Ontario.