Tuesday, September 15, 2009

CBC tour

Our homeschooling group toured the local CBC station today. It was awesome! We all learned a lot and saw so many neat things. One of the highlights was being in the studio and meeting some of the tv personalities (ok...that was two...but there were a lot and it's difficult to narrow it down to just one.)

Here are some pics of our tour. Click on them to enlarge:

We were in the Here and Now production studio Our tour guide was on air tv personality Jonathan Crowe . He was a great tour guide and very patient with us...sometimes explaining the same thing three times (there were so many of us....we all didn't fit into a room at the same time...so he did it in groups)

Here is the weatherman... Ryan Snoddon...who graciously agreed to pose for a picture with Tyler, Brittney and Jake. He was a great guide too...answering all of our questions. One interesting note, he comes from the same area of Ontario where we are from.....small world or what?

Tyler and Brittney on the Here and Now set.

Here, Ryan Snodden is explaining the technology to us. This green wall is all he has to work with and the camera imposes the weather map onto the monitors at the side(well...it's something like that.....it was too technological for me....but it was really cool!)

Here's where it got even cooler....they brought out some green capes and if the kids held the green capes over them...the camera would impose the weather map onto the green part. Because Jake was wearing a green shirt......the camera imposed the map over his body...so it looks as if only his head is on the map. (If you look closely you'll see his arm holding his yellow jacket). How cool is that?

More of the same....click on the pic...Can you see Jake?

And again..

Tyler is in the middle at the back. Brittney at the far right. They were standing against the green wall, but this is the picture on the monitor.

What a great morning...many thanks CBC, Jonathan Crowe, Ryan Snoddon and all the folks at CBC!!.


Becky said...

Looks like alot of fun.

Did Jake talk them into giving him a commercial for his cookie company?

At Home on the Rock... said...

LOL.....I don't think that idea occurred to him, Becky ....otherwise I'm sure he would have asked lol

Shannon said...

Very cool!