Monday, September 7, 2009

It worked!

Jake was finally able to test out his new cookie stand.

He's been strategizing and plotting his latest invention for some time now. He's tried chocolate chip and chocolate chocolate chip cookies....but thought he'd like to add a new flavour to his menu line. Seeing as it's blueberry season here in Newfoundland and....we have mega blueberries growing in our back area, he decided on Blueberry Chocolate Chip (and Blueberry spelled "Bluebarry" according to the sign he made).

Before he could introduce it to his customers though, he decided to should test market it first. His family were the willing participants...and it received two thumbs up from everyone.

He hand-selected the blueberries. He washed them and dried them. Still a little concerned his customers would not like the new flavour and may want their money back, he decided to go with half and half. So, the batch of cookie dough he made was half chocolate chip the other half bluebarry chocolate chip.

He baked them last night...complete with packaging them himself and cleaning up the kitchen (well most of it ;)). He wrote out some business cards and also made his lunch (after all a hard working man needs to keep his strength up).

This morning he helped Larry load the cookie stand into the van. Off we went to downtown Pouch Cove (*grin*....downtown Pouch Cove consists of the town hall/fire hall, park and general store).


He sold out in 45 minutes! And....with the tips people gave him....he came home with almost double what he was asking!

A few pics of his day: (click pics to enlarge)

Set up, ready and waiting for the first customer:

A customer arrives by car!

Yahoo! Sold out!


Rose said...

That is SO cool. Way to go, Jake!

Renee said...

This is so great!!!!!! What an experience for him...

Linda said...

It always amazes me that blueberries grown wild.

My 12 year old has an assignment where she has to do a similar thing to what Jake did with cupcakes. He must be good at inventing cookies.

The town our new house sits in, as you enter the town you get to the hall first, then a workshop and the shop. Opposite is the park.

Shannon said...


Molytail said...

Awesome! I don't think I've ever had a Blueberry-Chocolate Chip cookie, but it sounds like a yummy combination! :-)

Rosina said...

Oh what fun!! Way to go Jake :) My son is 10 1/2 and he really wants to start some sort of business so I picked up a neat little book on starting your first business for kids that we are going to work through this year :) I'll have to show him this entry :)

Becky said...

Jake the cookie man..Way to sell them Jake!!! Oh, and here in the the south some people say blueberry as bluebarry ;-) with a long southern accent.