Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Ugh....It's almost here

September that is. I can hardly believe August is winding down. It seems like just yesterday, we were finishing up our year and greatly anticipating our trip home to Ontario. We had a wonderful time there....except it came and went much too quickly. Before we knew it, we were on our way back home.

The rest of the summer we've enjoyed having no routine and doing what we've wanted to do. It's been a wonderful summer....the weather here was fantastic (well...all except hurricane Bill that thought he should stop by for a visit. We could have done without a visit from him.)

That, unfortunately, will soon be coming to an end.

Even though I am feeling quite a bit better than last summer and more able to tackle things.....I'm *so* not ready to start back with our routine. Many of my homeschooling friends are excited about the new year. They can hardly wait to get started, purchasing books, getting things laid out....genuinely chomping at the bit to get back at it.

Not me.

When I hear them talking with such exuberance, I feel like firmly planting each of my hands over my ears and loudly singing, "LA LA LA LA LA....I CAN'T HEAR YOU". (I, of course, am just kidding fellow hs'ers....I'm a little....well ok.... a lot envious of how excited you all are and wish I felt the same..even a bit)

Hmmm.....Perhaps it will be easier if we implement a new subject this year ..let's see.... we'll call it Oceanography or Newfoundlandography or something else similar and then proceed out to our oceanside benches. Maybe we'll take a book or two as well..or not...maybe the binoculars....and our lunch.

Now...*that's* a curriculum I just may be able to get excited about.

Maybe there is hope for me after all.

(Edited to Add ---- As a person who use to thrive on routine, structure and mult-tasking 100 different things at once...this is a new experience for me. I'm positive it has everything to do with having CFS. I know I need to pace myself...I do not want to go back to where I was a year ago. It's difficult for me to do anything less than 150%....but I've *had* to learn to deal with this and make adjustments. This new outlook is somewhat freeing .... but do not want to swing too much the other way. I am no where near what I used to be, nor do I ever want to be that again. Balance is difficult but necessary. )


yofed said...


I hope all goes well and you don't burn yourself out!

Becky said...

Take your time, you are important also. If I were you, I would do a study on the ocean, a hands on study. Science is fun!