Thursday, August 6, 2009

She's Back too!

Brittney stayed on in Ontario for 3.5 weeks after we left for home. She has a good friend there (they've been friends since grade one) and wanted to spend some time with her and her family. Brittney had an awesome time and did many interesting things.

One such thing was to meet a couple of celebrities...Mitchel Musso from the TV show Hannah Montana and Kreesha Turner (a singer).

Here are a couple pics of her taken with each of the celebs....

But....after 3.5 weeks, she boarded a plane in Toronto and headed for home. The plane was delayed by 1.5 hours....but just after midnight her plane landed.

It's great to have her back! Everything feels back to normal now.


Linda said...

That is fantastic.

Molytail said...

Ohmygosh - Cindy will FREAK if I show her that first photo.

How'd she end up meeting him??

At Home on the Rock... said...

Hey Molytail....he did a concert at the Toronto Zoo. They *only* stood in line for 4 or 5 hours to get into that but they made it fairly close to the front. She caught a cd he threw out into the crowd.

The next day he was at some shopping mall doing a signing....they only stood in that line for 4 or 5 hours (I forget which was which...but between the two days they stood in line for a total of 9 hours). This pic was taken at the mall for the signing. Apparently only people with a t-shirt with his pic on it, were able to take pictures. Brittney wasn't wearing hers (she had wore it to the concert and it was dirty) but the two girls she was with were wearing they were able to take a picture.