Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Homeschool Conference on The Rock

This past weekend was CHENL's annual Homeschool Conference on The Rock.....and was held in Gander this year.

What an excellent conference it was! Congrats and Thanks to all of the organizers who put it all together.

We always enjoy going to Homeschool Conferences....it's a time to meet other homeschoolers, share ideas, hear speakers and come away feeling recharged and refreshed.

This one was no exception....and we all had a wonderful time! It's interesting to see how each one is organized...the differences and similarities. I'm always impressed with the creativity put forth in working around any unique challenges that each provincial area faces. It's interesting how (what may be perceived as) an area's weakness can actually be a great strength and vice versa.

There was something for everyone this weekend...child care and program for the little ones (which Brittney was even able to help out with a bit...looking after young children is something she absolutely loves to do!!), a teen room (full of lots of interesting things for teens to do...and other teens to hang out with). One of the speakers prepared a session geared especially to the teens.

For us adults, there were speakers, vendors with various curricula/books for us to look through, time to meet and chat with other homeschoolers from across our province, time for questions/conversations with the speakers...food (ohhh....and Larry's favourite...pizza for lunch).... lots of free draws/giveaways (and I actually even won one!!)....the list goes on....

Tyler opted to stay home....first time alone overnight and all. He was fine...mom was worried...but hey...that goes with the territory *and* it's a mom's right to worry....isn't it ;)

The only down side to the whole weekend.....was the snow we woke up to on Friday morning. Not what one wants to see in May....but especially not when travel is involved. Thankfully, it wasn't long-lasting (and didn't even stick to the ground)....but no way of knowing how bad it will get while it's happening. (I always fear the worst.) Not far into our journey though, the roads were dry, there was no evidence of any snow....and the sun was even shining.

Another concern for us, was the moose that are an ongoing driving hazard in this province. They wander out on to 'the highway' (NL's version of the 401, we call it ;)). It's difficult dealing with them at any time, but especially at night...the highway is not lit and when one is clicking along at 100 kms/hr....well...that can make for a bad combination. Thankfully, we were able to travel mostly in the light...and only saw one moose along the way (and even then, he was way off to the side).

My other concern was my CFS/Fibro. I was mostly concerned with the post exertional malaise/crash I could have experienced (and quite often do)....but took as many steps as I could think of to ward this off. 'Banking' my energy during the week before (as much as I could) as well as diligently doing/taking everything the homeopath had advised. I'm pleased to announce (for the most part) it worked!!! Saturday morning I was a bit concerned as I was quite achy and that all too familiar burning muscles...but I kept on with the daily regimen of vitamins, supplements etc. as recommended....and it seem to work! Today is Tuesday...and still no crash...so I'm thinkin' I made it through!!! Yahoo!!! *Doing the Happy Dance here*

So...ya....in summary it was a great weekend. Made some new friends, reconnected with old ones (not that they were old...just that we knew them from before lol ) and had a great weekend to boot!

Thanks again to all the organizers...Job well done!


Becky said...

Glad your trip was safe and fun!

Jacqueline said...

It was wonderful to see you again and I'm so glad your health stayed well through it.

Renee said...

Sounds like you had a super time at this Homeschooling gathering. I am so glad your CFS/FM was kept in check and using homeopathy and supplements to do it has given me more incentive to see the homeopath my LLMD has suggested. It is on our short list!
Again..yahoo for you all!

At Home on the Rock... said...

Renee....I have been *so* very pleased with my homeopath...she has worked wonders for me.

Shannon said...

Sounds like a great conference! Glad to hear you are still feeling pretty good, too!

Dominique said...

I wonder if the name for Gandar in the movie came from your Gandar! Hmmmm...

Moose - boy do I understand that one. I lived for several years in the White Mountains of NH and we had the same problem. Hitting one of them can be a deadly deal.

Your trip sounds like a success! I'm so glad you aren't crashing. I'm dancing with you!

Cathy said...

LOVED your chocolate too! That was one of the "highlights" and man, is it ever delicious ! So glad to have met you and Larry again...and glad you won at least one prize.: )

At Home on the Rock... said...

Thanks, Cathy!