Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Long Weekend

May 24th long weekend is the unofficial (or is that official? LOL) start of summer. After the long winter, everyone is more than ready....and this year was no exception!

Tyler and Brittney went to Spring Forth, which is a Christian teen camp held in Musgravetown, NL. Last year was their first year...they had a blast and have been talking about it ever since. Needless to say....they could hardly wait to get back.

That left Jake, Larry and I....and Jake was quite excited about being the only child for the whole weekend. We decided to head back to Gander again this weekend in order to visit with our friends from Glovertown and other friends who were camping in Terra Nova Park.

The weather mostly co-operated with sunshine and warmth (well all except for Monday morning...it was chilly at only 1*C....quite the contrast from Sunday at 22*C and sun)

By all accounts....it was a great weekend.

Tyler and Brittney had a fabulous time once again.

We enjoyed spending time with friends, sharing some laughs, discussing life here in Newfoundland touring around parts of our (almost) new province that we had not yet seen, enjoying the great outdoors, clean air and overall just relaxing.

Yes...just what the Dr. ordered (literally)....now ... back to reality.


Renee said...

What fun! Yes, summer is here...with June right around the corner...We had 95 degrees here two days ago and humidity! Ugh! Down to a cool 82 today but still out of the ordinary that is for sure...

Dominique said...

I so love coming to your blog and seeing that beautiful header! Gorgeous. I thought summer started June 21/22 here is the US. Hmmm..Maybe I am wrong.

We hit 100 today with the humidity. I think it was low 90s but the humidity was so high that it felt like 100! Too hot! :-)

I'm glad you all are having so much fun. You definitely live a an incredibly beautiful place to do it in!

Happy (America) Memorial Day Weekend to you all!

At Home on the Rock... said...

Thanks, Ladies.

@Dominique .... No, you are right...summer doesn't really start until June 21/22 here as well .....just like to get a head start on it...as much as we can ;)

Dominique said...

Linda - I got your note that you sent me an email but I didn't get it. I might have inadvertently deleted it.