Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Piano Recital Day

Tyler with his piano teacher

Brittney with her piano teacher

Jake with his piano teacher

click on arrow button in lower left hand screen to hear them




(Sorry about the quality of these videos, there were windows all behind them and the light really drowns the kids out. Also, I'm not sure why the whole video won't upload to the computer. Tyler's piece was over 3 minutes long and Brittney's was over a minute, but only 42 seconds would upload. Oh well...)


It's hard to believe another year has come and gone.

It's been such a year of transition that none of us were quite as focused as we have been in past years. Nevertheless, they did work hard over the year.


Jacqueline said...

They did a great job!

Miranda said...

Nice work! Thanks for the videos. I recognize two of those pieces from Erin's past and it was nice to hear them again. Do you drive to town for lessons, or are you able to stay closer to home?

At Home on the Rock... said...

Thanks, Jacqueline and Miranda. :0)

Miranda --- we drive into Torbay, which is about 15 minutes away -- not too bad considering.

MyThreeDaughters said...

Now I know what it sounds like at your house!

Becky said...

Beautiful children and so talented.I enjoyed the videos.They play well.How long have they been taking lessons?

At Home on the Rock... said...

Thanks, Becky. The older two have been taking for 7 years, the youngest 4 years.

molytail said...

Hey I recognize the song that Brittney is playing! *grin*

They're all very good! I wish I could play a musical instrument - I'm just not musically inclined though...can't carry or follow a tune, no sense of time or rhythm...I can play 'mary had a little lamb' on the phone keypad though - does that count? :-P

At Home on the Rock... said...

Thanks, Molytail. It's too bad the whole video wouldn't upload...the last half was really nice.

Mary Had a Little Lamb hmmm...that counts as music --- on the phone keypad...hmmm....I never knew anyone whou could play the phone keypad....Now I do! :)