Sunday, June 1, 2008

Opening Day, Cookie-Selling Season 2008

Jake had decided that cookie-selling season should now be open. He asked his friend if he'd like to join the company as a partner to which the friend agreed. There was some concern on Jake's part if the friend would show up on time to bake the cookies --- Jake takes his job very serious. After some tense moments on Jake's part and a few phone calls to remind, remind and remind his friend some more, the friend showed up at the agreed upon time. Using his top secret cookie recipe, they baked cookies --- chocolate, chocolate chip and regular chocolate chip. After baking and cooling, came the packaging, complete with a pretty ribbon to make it look nice.

Ahhh...yes...Pouch Cove Cookie Company was born.

We loaded up the car with the cookies, a makeshift table to put the cookies on, a large platter to display the cookies, the sign...of course...., two lawn chairs for the salesmen to sit on, some change and of course a lot of enthusiasm.

We went right to the down town core, where they immediately set up shop and got right to work. they did. As each car passed by they jumped, waved their sign, waved their arms and yelled. At one point, they brought their sisters into the fold to hold the sign, while they climbed higher in order to obtain more attention. They had customers come on foot, drive-up in cars and on four-wheelers.

After a couple of hours, they decided they'd had enough. We packed up and came home to count the day's earnings. I decided to donate the cost of the ingredients back to them, so there were no expenses for them to pay. They made a total of $12.00 for the day...which meant $6.00 each. Not bad for a first day and before tourist season has really arrived.

Not exactly Bill Gates, Warren Buffet or the Queen's financial status..well not yet anyway. Stay tuned though.

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