Thursday, May 29, 2008

Washed up at the ripe old age of 10?

Brittney got her first paying job this past weekend. Our neighbour went out of town on a business trip and needed somebody to feed her cats. Brittney was more than happy to get the job for two reasons --- she loves cats and she would make some money.

Jake, being the money guy in our house, was a little ummmm .....uneasy about the fact his sister had a job and he didn't. Cookie selling season is not yet open and to say he's getting anxious, is an understatement.

Our neighbour returned home and that meant payday for Brittney. She was quite happy, bubbling and showing us her earnings. The more she talked....the more upset Jake got. We were quite sympathetic to him, trying to reassure him he'd make money just as soon as he started selling cookies again. We really did feel badly for him.... but just couldn't keep from smiling when he threw his hands wildly in the air as he said, in his overly exuberant way,

"But don't understand.....I'm poor.....I have nooo money.......I'm just a bum!!! Why can't you understand? I feel really jealous when she gets money and I don't......I want to be like Bill Gates or Warren Buffet or the Queen!!"

Sooo, after some serious thought, he's decided this weekend, cookie selling season will be open. Which means....I will be over seeing the buying/baking/packaging of the cookies. He will do all the work (even the clean up) but I will be there watching....just in case.

Oh....and on top of it all, he's decided to include his new friend. At first, he didn't know whether he should hire him as an employee, or take him on as a partner. He finally decided he'd make him a partner and they'll share the profits equally.

Sooo, if the weather is good, it will be his opening weekend. Wish him good luck (and me the energy and patience to keep up with them).


Jacqueline said...

That's so cute! Congrats to Brittany on the job and praying Jake has a successful opening weekend. :)

molytail said...

"...or the queen" ROFL ....too cute.

I hope his cookie business goes well - I'd buy some cookies if you weren't hanging out in a different province! ;-)