Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Taking a Break from the Icebergs

OK....I know I've posted a lot about icebergs lately so thought I should take a break. (grin). I saw this posted on another blog I like to read and thought I'd play along.......


Snagged this from Molytail :-)

Where is your cell phone?
Well...I don't really have one that I use. The one I have, has an Ontario number. Since we're not in Ontario any more and it would cost an arm and a leg to use it here, we simply don't use it. But....the phone itself is out in the van.

Your significant other?
Larry is at work.

Your hair?
Shoulder length and brown (and no....those two or three grey things in there are NOT grey hairs ;0))

Your mother?
Hmmm...I could write a book here. My mother is no longer living and has been gone 18.5 years now. Wow time flies. In some respects, it feels like just yesterday I saw and talked to her and at other times, it seems like an eternity. I miss her a lot...we were best friends! She was always there for me and I could count on her always. She always wanted grandchildren and never got to meet any of them (between my brother and I, she would now have five!) Mother's Day is coming up and I always have difficulty with that day. I hope I can be half the mom my mom was.

Your father?
He lives in Ontario with my step-mom, Marilyn. He enjoys fairly good health, is very active and very busy with his life and various activities. About five years ago, he made the transition from the family farm, where he was born and lived for 77 years, to an apartment in town. They travel a lot and spend every winter and Christmas in Florida (while the rest of us freeze here in Canada)

Your favorite thing?
My new laptop ;0)

Your dream last night?
Hmmmm...can't remember any dreams from last night.

Your favorite drink?

Your dream/goal?
.....Need to think about this one.

Your ex?
I would think Ontario

Your fear?
Mice --- eek!

Where were you last night?
At home, talking on the phone.

What are you not?

Muffins? all muffins!

One of your wish list items?
Health and Happiness

Where you grew up?

Port Perry, Ontario

The last thing you did?
Ate lunch.

What are you wearing?
Bluish/Purple Slush pants, T shirt

Your pets?
None, although I told the kids while everyone else talks about their pet cats or dogs etc., they can talk about their pet icebergs (lol)

Your life?
Good, most days.

Your mood?

Missing someone? mom

Your car?
2008 Pontiac Montana Van

Something you are not wearing?
A winter coat

Like someone? lotsa people

Your favorite color?
Die hard pink fan here----love pink! Red would be my next colour

When is the last time you laughed?
Hmmm...not sure

Who will re post this?

Not sure...but if you want to play.....go ahead and repost this.


molytail said...

Yeah those stray gray things that turn up in mine are.....dusty. Yep, dusty bits of hair that I remove immediately. :-P

Becky said...

Well as for me, I LOVE your Ice berg pics.I am from Georgia and although I could not handle the cold it is beautiful.

Becky said...

Well, as for me , I LOVE your iceberg pics. I am from Georgia and could not handle the cold but I love the pics.

Becky said...

Well, as for me,I LOVE the iceberg pics.I am from Georgia so I could not handle the cold, The pics are great.