Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Mom...We found a fossil!!!!

Tyler has finished his bookwork part of his he's now done for the summer. This now allows him the time, in the nice weather, to focus on what he wants to do. Much of this time is divided between cartooning and exploring around outside.

Today, him and Brittney decided they'd like to explore around outside for a bit. Jake was busy drawing and didn't really want to be disturbed but after a bit of coaxing, he decided to join them.

That meant I was home alone....and did it ever seem quiet! After a bit of time had passed, a couple of excited kids come bursting into the house, yelling, "MOM, MOM.....WE FOUND A HUGE FOSSIL". They were obviously excited and seeing how our area is rich in fossils, they were sure they'd found one --- and a huge one at that. Before heading out again, they asked for the camera so they could take a picture of their latest find. A little while later, they returned with the above pictures. was a little difficult to see from the pictures, but it was much larger than any fossil I'd ever seen. A closer look is what I wanted, so we struck out again. On the way, we enlisted the services of our neighbour's friend. She gladly came along to analyze 'the fossil'.

Much to their disappointment, it turned out to be a cleverly designed piece of art work and not a fossil. Using the natural colour of the rock (no paint was used), the creator used a rock tool to dig very tiny holes which created the design. A very interesting technique and find, even though it was a fossil they were looking for.

Oh well....the hunt continues. ;0)

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Jacqueline said...

Wow! That is huge! I'm glad you included the pciture of our son with it so we could actually see how big it is.