Thursday, May 15, 2008

Some things just take more time....

I have been diligently working with Jake on his bedroom-cleaning skills. His bedroom is as busy as his mind is. With so many things to do, well there just isn't enough time in a day to accomplish all he needs to and tidy up his room as well.

This has been going on for some time now and this skill doesn't come quite as quickly to him as skills have. That's ok, I know some things are learned faster while others take a little bit more time. I, sometimes-very-patiently-and-other-times-not-so-patiently, work with him on this skill, day after day, week after week, month after month and yes...year after year. He is making progress though, compared to where he once was.

He's 10 now and getting older, so I've bumped up my expectations too. (I have visions of a not-too-happy-future-daughter-in-law asking herself why his mother never taught him how to pick up after himself.) He is expected to pick his room up every day and leave it tidy (and I use that very loosely --- his idea of tidy is not quite what most people would consider tidy). I've even instituted the rule, it must be tidy before he can head to the library to use the computers.

Every day seems to be the same takes several attempts to even be passable. Most days it's frustrating for him and me....but he has to learn to pick up after himself and I keep telling myself he will...eventually.

The other day....I was simply elated when I went to inspect his room. Finally, a break through! Woohoo! You see, he had plans to go with his sister to the library (there are only three computers there and first come, first served so they strive to arrive early) and knew his room had to be done first. I was just so pleased when I entered his room.....the bed was made, the desk was fairly neat, there were no clothes or papers or markers or crayons or toys or half-finished creations etc. on the floor. It looked amazing!! I was so proud (of him and me.....for the patience on my part which had finally paid off). When he knew his room passed inspection, he quickly flew out the door.

About a half an hour after they'd left, still feeling pleased with our accomplishments, I headed downstairs to the family room. As I entered the room, I noticed three, large, green garbage bags. That feeling of elation was starting to be replaced with a sinking feeling. As I looked around the room, I noticed these bags looked as if someone had made half an attempt to hide them around the room --- one was sorta behind a chair, another under the table and the third hiding behind the door. Knowing that these bags were not there earlier and knowing that *I* had not placed them there.....caused that sinking feeling to get stronger.'ve probably guessed it by now......Jake had scooped everything off of his floor, desk, bed and placed it into the bags. Then, somehow, he managed to get all three of them downstairs without me or anyone else here, seeing. His plan worked too....bought him just enough time.

.....sigh......ingenuity he has.....bedroom-cleaning-skills.....still need work.


molytail said...

Oh my. ROFL *grin* .....gotta give him credit for being creative about it LOL ...too cute. :-)

Jacqueline said...

LOL! Sounds like my kids.

BrendaS said...

Ah Linda...I know the tale well! I have an almost 8 yo daughter who has the same 'challenge'! She just doesn't *see* the mess in the same was as we do! Odd that.

I was getting all encouraged by your successes until you got to the basement! lol. Perhaps those garbage bags need to go 'missing' for a know because you thought they were garbage, and all, and got rid of them! :) That might cure him of THAT idea!!!!!

At Home on the Rock... said...

Thanks Brenda -- I often think if he would put the energy he uses thinking of ways to get out of cleaning his room, he'd have it done several times over! I am at the end of my rope.....I've tried so many things. I've even gone the, 'ok....if you don't pick it up, I'll pick it up and it's going in the garbage" route. His response with a shrug , "Umm..ok...I'll go get you the garbage bags." which he did and his stuff did go in the garbage. Which he just shurgged off....there's always more paper in the blue box, cereal boxes etc. etc. ......sigh