Saturday, May 17, 2008

In Memory

It was 25 years ago today that I started working at Aviation Supplies at the Oshawa Municipal Airport in Oshawa. Wow, time sure does fly by!

I had gone for an interview just a few days prior and it was there I met Mr. Bill Cox. It was an interview I wouldn't soon forget as it was much different than any I had been on or have been on since. Besides Mr. Cox, there were two other younger guys there. One named Jim (who I later found out was Mr. Cox's son but didn't know that at the time) and another young guy named Dean. I was invited in to begin my interview, and these two other young fellows came along as well. The one named Dean brought coffee for all of us....and the interview began.

Now, Mr. Cox was one of these people who's bark was worse than his bite. He appeared gruff on the outside, but (as I later learned)....he had a heart of gold. It appeared to be coffee break time as the two young guys stayed in there and listened to the interview while they drank their coffee. Mr. Cox sat at his desk in front of me asking me questions. The fellow named Dean, stood behind me and told me the all of the questions I was asked. I know Mr. Cox heard Dean....but he never batted an eyelash...just kept on going. Having Dean tell me the answers made it rather difficult for me to concentrate on the interview.....I was afraid Mr. Cox was going to get angry and yet I didn't know Dean well enough to know what was going on. I still remember the final question from Mr. Cox....."What is a P.O.?" he asked in his gruff voice..... to which I replied, "A post office?". After a few seconds of *that* stare he had.....he shook his head back and forth and said...."Don't ask me.....I don't know."

I got the job.....and that started a new chapter in my life. I had so badly wanted a job in the city. I wanted to get my own apartment and move out of the small town I had grown up in. This job enabled me to do all of that.

Mr. Cox was one in a million. I never ever heard anyone say a bad word about him....not ever. He was a great guy to work for.....he made me feel like one of the family. He always had great advice. Sometimes it didn't seem like over the top kind of advice at the time but proved to be invaluable later on in my life.

I was saddened by the news I received recently......Mr. Cox passed away a few days ago. He will be missed by many.

Rest in Peace, Mr. Cox.


molytail said...

Aw, he sounds like he was quite the character - those gruff-on-the-outside ones often are.

I'm sorry to hear the sad ending...thank you for sharing about him. *hugs*

At Home on the Rock... said...

Thanks, Molytail.