Monday, November 10, 2008

All gone....oh no

Wow...I've used all 55 lbs of the's all gone!

I can't believe how quickly I've gone through it! (and No....I did not eat it ;0)) Now don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining not at all....but I am pleasantly surprised.

Also, in addition to that,......We're expanding.....of sorts lol.....we have two sales to be at on Saturday morning. Brittney and I will go to the WOW Christmas Breakfast (which is a Christmas Special/Women's breakfast put on by one of the local churches). We set up a table in it last year and were asked to participate again this year, which we gladly accepted. It was a wonderful breakfast, a good time for Brittney and I to get out together as well as a chance to sell some chocolate.

While we are there, Larry, Tyler and Jake will go to our regular Saturday morning booth at the St. John's Farmers' Market. Yes, you read that right, Tyler will be joining us this weekend. As Brittney and I will be done at our venue well in advance of the boys, Larry will need to leave for awhile in order to pick us up. Tyler has agreed to help Jake man the booth while Larry is bringing us back to the Farmers' Market. Selling is not really Tyler's cup of tea (sometimes it's hard to believe him and Jake are brothers who have grown up in the same home), but we asked if he would help and he agreed. We've been teasing him saying instead of coming right back, we're going out for coffee or lunch or whatever and leaving him to sell for the last two hours (*grin*).

While I have some of the logistics of our so-called expansion worked out, there are still some things to iron out. I'm gonna need two of everything .... double the amount of chocolates, an extra table cloth, extra display chocolates, an extra order book, and extra cases to carry the chocolates.

As I mentioned off the top of my post....I've used all 55 lbs of chocolate (or at least I will have by tomorrow). I have some more on order....which they're supposed to deliver to me on Wednesday....and they had better....or else I'm gonna be in trouble. Usually, the chocolate comes next day.....but not this time, just when I need it right away's a six day wait.

Keeping my fingers crossed that it shows up on Wednesday.


Becky said...

WOW, that is a lot of candy. Glad you sales are going so well.
My two boys are opposites also.

molytail said...

That's a LOT of chocolate! Heh, I'm suddenly amused by visions of the poor delivery guy lugging all this chocolate to your door... :-P

Awesome for you guys though! (The expanding and lots of chocolate sales!)

Linda said...

Good luck with the delivery.

I have an award for you!