Wednesday, November 5, 2008

For Becky (pics from last winter)

Becky from the USA has been ummm....admiring our snow (and we are going to send her some when and if we get any this year ;0) )

Sooo...these pictures are taken around our house last February after a snow storm. In some of them, you can see the Atlantic Ocean in the background.


Penelope said...

Oh Linda, what do you go and do that for? For a second there, I thought it had snowed in NL. I'm not ready for snow yet! *shudder*

At Home on the Rock... said... snow in NL (well not here anyway) and if I have my way...there won't be any either. *grin*

Becky said...

Sorry for the Snow Alert!lol I guess she is just trying to make a Georgia girl happy with a little snow or sad because I can't have any;) Either way, I LOVE those pics. and can't wait for winter. Even if we have to live our snow dreams through this computer.

Jacqueline said...

Beautiful pictures! Makes me almost wish that the snow would come now...almost, but not quite. :)

molytail said...

No snow allowed yet! Two more weeks. *grin*

ooo, could have some fun with the 4 wheeler though! :-P

flmom said...

Really lovely pics and wonderful scenery. We definitely don't see snow around here!