Sunday, November 2, 2008

Flower Child? (click to enlarge pics)

We went to the St. John's Farmers' Market yesterday, Brittney and Jake both came. In one of the booths, a fellow (or I should say, a buddy) paints faces and makes balloon animals. As we were in our booth selling chocolate (or should I say in our booth watching Jake sell the chocolate), the face-painter fellow came over and asked if he could paint Brittney's face...on the house. She said sure....and this was the end result.

Not bad, eh?

On another note, we bought some fresh corn on the cob at the Farmers' Market. Mmmm....can hardly wait to have it later today. I'm *still* having a hard time getting me head around how late fruits and vegetables grow here. My peas are still producing pods (although they are slowing down) and fresh corn on the November???

I guess I should stop wondering and go husk that corn.


Jacqueline said...

Wow! That is beautiful! Sounds like you guys had fun. Wish I could pop in for some of your fresh corn. I love corn!

Linda said...

Brittney has lovely coloured hair. My daughter the middle one is similar but not the same. Lovely.