Sunday, March 8, 2009

Checking in

It's been awhile since I've posted here. As we push through these last few days of winter, we've been fighting these nasty bugs going around.

I'm almost afraid to say this for fear of jinxing far we've managed to avoid that nasty stomach bug making it's rounds. We have more than made up for that fact though, with more than our share of the flu and/or cold. Jake is the latest to have it. He and I missed church today....his throat was starting to hurt and I was trying to recover from my day yesterday. Honestly.....having CFS is a real learning experience for me. A friend invited us over yesterday for the afternoon. I thought that won't be too will be great to get out. So... Brittney, Jake and I went....Larry dropped us off. We were there for only a little while. We did nothing more than sit, talk and sip decaf coffee.....but this morning I felt like I'd been through the war. whole body hurt so much, it felt like I'd been working for three days straight....yep....this is a real learning curve for me.

Tyler and Brittney went to a sleepover with the youth group from our church on Saturday night. We had promised Jake we'd take him out for breakfast before going to church. I wasn't sure how I was going to get myself up and around to go....but we'd promised Jake and I didn't want to let him down. When he said his throat was really sore, he had a bad headache and didn't think he could go out for breakfast.....I no longer needed to worry about letting him down. And ....*he* was worried about letting me down.

So....Larry went off by himself to church and to pick up our sleep-deprived teenagers. Sleep deprived they were too....Brittney got to sleep around 1:30....which isn't too bad, but Tyler.....he stayed up and awake the whole sleep whatsoever..oh my....silly teenagers.

Jake and I stayed home and looked after each other. We lit a fire in the wood stove, grabbed a blanket...and cuddled on the couch. What could be better than that?


Becky said...

Hope Jake is feeling better soon, and you also. I am sorry you are not feeling well.

Hope tomorrow is a better day for both of you.
Take Care.

Cathy said...

Hello there
Good to see you back and bringing us to date with family life
Sorry to hear about all the bugs going round - we are not sure whats in store for us down under this winter, hope they aren't too bad.
Lets hope things will be back to normal soon and you can welcome Spring with lots of energy
Take care

Renee said...

Cuddle special that is!
Hopy you all feel better soon.
I have learned for myself that visiting in person or on the phone with people is very exhausting and takes alot of energy. It is amazing what it can do to us! Sad, but true....I always enjoyed visiting with and being with people..the more the if it is more than one or two it overwhelms my audio input too. Part of that can be because I am alone most the day and early evenings..
Sorry you have experienced the loss of energy too from vising too. Not fun!