Tuesday, March 31, 2009

They're here!!!!

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Three weeks ahead of last year....the Icebergs are here!!


There's a lot more sea ice out there today. It's really packed in and it looks like one solid mass of ice. That makes for a huge white carpet effect. Then when you add in the the cloudy (or is it foggy?) skies and the whiteness of the iceberg ...it makes it difficult to see them very well...but I was able to get a few pictures (although I realize not that clear or good).

Oh well....stay tuned...I'm sure I'll add more in during the coming days!


Becky said...

I bet you are SOOOOO Excited!!!
I don't understand how anyone couldn't love them, they are so pretty!

Linda said...

I was looking at your sea ice pictures, last night here. Wow, that was quick. It is late lunchtime now.