Monday, March 30, 2009

Sea Ice!! Woohoo!!

What a difference a day makes.

This pic was taken yesterday. If you look way off on the horizon, you can see the sea ice...but most of the ocean is open water.

Click pics to enlarge them.

Same shot taken today....the sea ice has moved in. It was *amazing* to see the ice chunks crashing around, colliding into each other and smashing up against the rocks. I know it looks like snow covered ice...but it's's ice chunks/pieces and they're all packed in together so it looks like a frozen over lake. The noise all this crashing makes is unbelievable!

We heard on the news tonight the ice extends about 200 miles off our shores.

Sooo...with all this sea ice....can the icebergs be far behind????

(We also heard on the news...there are a lot more icebergs 'out there' this year than there were last year....and last year was a bumper crop. We just have to hope they make their way by here.)

Stay tuned....


Shannon said...

That is incredible!!! Wow!!!

Simon. said...

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i like it..
can you follow my blog too,
welcome and enjoy our culture.

Becky said...

Wow, it just gets beter and better!

Catherine said...

These are beautiful photos, wow! having sea ice and icebergs is just so alien to me I can't get my head around them. But it is beautiful country up your way, and I have read your post on your journey to your new home, from the city. I told you some time ago that there are strong links to Waterford from Newfoundland from emigration from Waterford in the mid-19th century. So it is nice to see where my countrymen ended up. We had a tv prog. about an Irish journalist who travelled to Labrador and NE Canada, and then he went to Russia - Nova Zembla - right up to the North Pole in a Russian Icebreaker. The part showing Labrador was amazing - so remote, vast and tough to live there. He travelled with a local guy who was brilliant with the huskies and sledding or whatever the term is.
Thanks for sharing this with us!