Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Raging North Atlantic

The ocean was rather tumbly today...make that very tumbly lol....

It's been windy here, again, with wind gusts upwards of 100 kmh (60 mph). Before the winds picked up though, the ocean became quite rough. It sounded like a freight train was coming .... or perhaps a lot of jets flying around way off in the distance. It was loud!

Then the winds picked up....and then the ocean became even rougher.

It's been interesting to watch and a little scary to experience. The churning, twisting waves, the white water, the deafening noise and the vibration we can feel through the ground....it feels so angry! All day the vibration from the raging ocean has made the house a little shaky and at times, the dishes in the china cabinet rattled. The force of the ocean is something else.

The waves were unbelievable as they crashed into the rocks. Here are a couple of pictures I took....but in actual fact, the waves got even higher than this. Sometimes, they were so high, the grassy section was completely covered (but try as hard as I did, I was unable to snap a picture at the right time in order to capture it)

Click to enlarge pics. Sorry they're not the best..but I took them from inside and the rain and ocean spray really shows up on the windows.

This picture is taken about 300 ft away from the ocean.

(Sorry about the flash)

The kids and Larry wanted to venture out into the back a bit...in order to get a closer look. Not to worry....they did not go back too far, just out in the back area a bit. They all came back amazed at the overall power and noise as well as the saltiness of the air. The spray of the ocean was everywhere and they were soaked. They could feel and taste the salt...an experience beyond belief and words.

Hopefully...it will quiet down soon.

White water rafting....anyone???

At least most of our snow is gone.


Shannon said...

Those are WAVES?! They look like huge low-lying clouds! Wow! I can only imagine what that would be like up close. Such power!

Jacqueline said...

Wow! That's amazing! I couldn't believe the water could reach your window. Thank God for refuge from the storm

Renee said...

This is absolutely amazing and very scary! I read Joel your post and he looked at the pictures too. Since living in the Philippines we have always respected the ocean and its power, but your story of today's experience really gave us pause. Wow! Thanks so much for sharing this with us.

Merry Christmas!

Rose said...

That's amazing. I loved those pictures. I always thought if I couldn't live near the mountains (as I do now) I would want to live near the ocean. I think watching all it's changing moods would be awesome.

Becky said...

That is scary. I am glad that you and everyone are safe. I guess it is like you had mini earthquakes.

Stay safe and thanks for the pictures. I find your area so interesting and so pretty.