Friday, December 11, 2009

Real Wind!

The Wreckhouse.

The name alone sums it up quite well.

This is the name given to an area in south western Newfoundland .... and it certainly lives up to its name! It is said the be the second windiest area in the world (winds of a category 2 hurricane), and from the news reports and stories, I can believe it. The winds are so strong, trains have been blown off of their tracks (well, when we had trains) and blows tractor trailers over on their sides.

Here are a couple of pics from CBC.

Picture One

Picture Two

We've travelled through this area many times on our way back and forth between Ontario and here (there is no choice...the Trans Canada goes through it and it's the only way to get from one side of the island to the other). Although, we've been fortunate to not go through during an extreme windy time, there has always been noticeable winds to some extent.

We've always found driving through the area to be a rather eerie feeling. I love driving through it now....but must admit, on our first visit to Newfoundland, not so much (and we didn't even know about it). You see, one goes through this section about half an hour after getting off of the Ferry. I remember, that first time, wondering (to myself and out loud)....just where exactly we had came to ..... and why?? It kind of reminded me of the moon (or what I pictured being on the moon would look like).....barren, scrub vegetation, mossy grassy stuff covering the ground, the odd tree...if you can call them that...all twisted, very small and look like they've been permanently blown over by a wind. It was quite flat....except for the odd looking blobs of rock type things that seem to ring the area (which turned out to be the Long Range Mountains....but who knew?). There were no buildings or people and was certainly different than the area we were coming from. We wondered (and were somewhat concerned) if this is what all of Newfoundland was going to be like. Thankfully, it was not...and became one unique, beautiful section of a unique and beautiful province in which we chose to make our home.

But still....those winds!!!


Renee said...

That second photo gives you a good view of the area too....WOW! It is barren isn't it. Thanks for sharing ~ it is nice to learn about and get to see other places in our beautiful world.

At Home on the Rock... said...

Thanks, Renee.

Yes, it is barren and those pictures don't really show the whole deal. There is one area in particular I'm thinking of and it's unbelievable. I looked through my many pictures but do not have one ......guess I thought there was (literally) nothing to see and didn't bother with a picture...but now I wish I had. I'll remember to take some, next time we're over that way.

Molytail said...

I believe that's the area that my uncle wrecked his truck many, many years ago (I was about 12?) flipped and the door came open.. his foot ended up out the door when the truck landed on its side and smashed every bone it had.. or so goes the story I was told way back. :-o

At Home on the Rock... said...

Ouch...that sounds rough, Molytail. I hope it eventually healed for him....but that sounds quite painful.

Becky said...


Jacqueline said...

Yep, a horrible part of our beautiful province. Interesting none the less. Though I haven't been commenting for a long time I have been faithfully following your blog and missing the connection with you. But I'm back! :) I was really hoping to see you on the CHENL message board but I guess you're a part of TEACH but not a part of CHENL. Bummer. I would like the additional contact with you.

At Home on the Rock... said...

Hi Jacqueline....thanks for your comments. :) are right...I am part of TEACH but not CHENL. After speaking to another hs mom here, I did try to go the CHENL site...but I did not see where or how to actually join. Maybe I just didn't look hard enough. I would like to join but am unsure how to.

Table Mountains said...

i live in the shadow of the wreckhouse here in cape ray and provide most of the pics for the CBC stories. it's a scary place at times, but what beauty there when the winds do not blow. the local paper is going to do another article on the area again in the next week or two.i still find it amazing that no one has died there so far!

At Home on the Rock... said...

Thanks for stopping by Table Mountains. Until I read your blog, I did not realize *how* bad the winds get in the Wreckhouse area (we hear stories on this side of the high winds and their *potential* to blow trucks off of the road...but nothing about all of the accidents that do occur from them). Nor did I realize how dangerous it is or can be driving through there. It was exactly as I read on your blog...there are no warnings at all for the unsuspecting tourist that gets off of the ferry heading for their Newfoundland adventure. Before moving here, we made several trips back and forth...without giving it any real thought.

Thanks for your blog....I really appreciate reading it...I'm learning so much.

You're right about the beauty of it (when the winds aren't blowing) is one beautiful spot in one beautiful province.

Linda said...

The second photo could be here, though we don't have trucks like that. Apparently ours are quite old.