Thursday, December 24, 2009

Update - The Raging North Atlantic

Just a bit of an update -- our friend Paul dropped by Tuesday evening (the same night I wrote my last post). Paul is a native Newfoundlander, he was a fisherman (before the moratorium) as was his father before him. Paul grew up by the sea and on it. He earned his living from it. He's witnessed a lot of different things over the years. When we first moved here and would comment (more like get really excited and wide-eyed) about the sounds of the ocean, Paul would really have to listen to 'hear' what we were commenting about. He was so used of the sounds, they did not stand out to him as they did to us. But...the other night...even he was shocked at the feel of the ground shaking and the noise. He wanted to know if we could feel it inside the house....said he'd never, ever seen it like that.

The ocean continued on like that for quite awhile, well into the next morning. The ferocious waves did settle down a bit...but it was still rough and loud. Even today the waves are continuing and the ocean can still be heard...thankfully not to the extent of Tuesday night.


Becky said...

That would have been a bad time to be in a boat eh?

Look I said eh? before long you will be saying ya'll ;-)lol

At Home on the Rock... said...'re right Becky...probably not one of the better times to be in a boat lol

I had to read the "eh" comment a couple of times before I got it lol....little slow on the draw I guess. And...before you know it, I will be saying "ya'll" ;)