Thursday, September 23, 2010

Igor Totals

Environment Canada issued an updated special weather statement for Newfoundland and Labrador. It looks like here in Pouch Cove, we received 142 mms of rain and the wind speed was 147 km/h.

Not sure how long these links will stay active but here they are just the same

Statement found here

On another note, Random Island appears to be one of the worst hit areas on the island. Story and picture here This is awful, these people appear (and I say appear because up until now, I've been unable to find out any information) to be stranded here. We have friends there and have not been able to make any kind of contact with them. I can only hope they are all ok. By the sounds of this report, it appears the province will finally get to them.

Look at this house

Some more pictures here (scroll down the blue bar and then click on the white arrow)

There are still people without power here. There are still communities that are totally cut, fuel and other supplies cannot get in. Hopefully, the governments will move quickly to send aid, restore roads and get these communities reconnected. It's been a long three days and each day seems to get worse as new pictures of the devastation come to light.


Renee said...

My goodness, what a sad mess. So glad you all faired well. Hope your friends are doing well too....and that your part of the world gets back to normal soon....Just north of us in Southern Minnesota they ahve had terrible flooding...just one hour from us.....after getting 6-11 inches of rain in one day. We are grateful today that all is well in our part of the world. Take care and stay safe.

At Home on the Rock... said...

Thanks, Renee. Sorry to hear about all of the flooding in your area too.