Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Newfoundland Way...

The Telegram is running this story today. It's about a NL town still stranded due to Hurricane Igor. The residents can't leave the town because of a washed out road, so they drive as far as they can, leave the keys in their car and walk across the gap. On the other side people have done the same thing but coming back into town. So they just pick up another car! Return and repeat.

Trouty battered, but holding together - Local - News - The Telegram

What a great way to handle this!


Shannon said...

That is a terrific way to help each other out!!! I'm sorry they are having to deal with such losses and hope it isn't long before they receive the help they need.

dominique said...

I hope things get worked out soon. It is wonderful to see people who are willing to help each other! Great story!