Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Springdale Craft and Trade Fair

This past weekend we took part in Springdale's annual craft and trade fair. Springdale is about a six hour drive from here...so after working on chocolate for the previous couple of weeks, we (or should I say Larry) loaded up the van and off we went. Tyler was unable to come with us because of job obligations and university courses. I think he was just as glad to stay home alone anyway (but mom still worried about him home alone and driving back and forth to work ;)

It was a great show with a lot of people in attendance. We met a lot of friendly people over the course of the weekend. We're already looking forward to next year!

Jake looked after a big part of our sales. As I've mentioned here before, he absolutely loves doing this and is right in his element while doing so. In addition to this, he also managed to get around the stadium and meet most of the other vendors taking part in the show.

All ready to go.... "Welcome to Candy Box Creations" was his usual opening line..

Here Jake is excited about starting. He's giving his spiel to one of the other vendors before the show opened to the public

Jake learns so many practical, hands-on skills from doing events such as these. We count this as an important part of his homeschooling.

We got talking to (or should I say Jake got talking to) the vendors on each side of us. We were pleasantly surprised to learn the couple on one side are the grandparents of a homeschooler we know (well..know of...she is in the next town). How cool is that?

The booth on the other side of us was occupied by a local college. I've never been able to pin down an answer from them regarding admission of homeschoolers to their college....so when there was a lull in the action, I was able to talk to them about this and homeschooling in general. The rep was very nice to talk with. She mentioned she'd never had that question before...but promised to look into it further for me.

We're very thankful to our friends, Soraya and Fred and their five children. They so graciously opened their home to us and put us up for the four nights we were there. (Ohh...and Soraya is a wonderful cook...and her cheesecakes are TO.DIE.FOR!!)

Soraya, Fred and Jael

Jael (as well as all of their children) made quite the impression on Brittney...

and Jake....

As I mentioned, it was a great show. We enjoyed ourselves very much and are hoping to go back next year. On the CFS and fibro front though, I must admit it caused these two ugly conditions to remind me they are still around. I ended up spending a big chunk of the last day, sleeping out in the van. I did help them take down our booth, but on arrival back at our hosts' house, I could barely stand. I was embarrassed but had no other choice...I had to lay down. I went to bed and spent most of that evening sleeping...and right through the night. For the drive home on Sunday, the fibro pain was quite present. Once home, Larry unloaded the van while I rested. I then slept through the night. Monday brought more of the same. I was in and out of sleep most of the day and barely remember the kids fooling around on the computer beside my bed or them saying goodnight.

Apparently, Larry tried to wake me around ten and then again around midnight...but was unable to. (I don't recall any of this either) He eventually gave up and threw a cover over me, where I slept soundly until the alarm went off at 6:00 a.m. I was still fully dressed. More of the same today (and at times like this, I'm grateful for my adjustable bed, laptop and ocean to look at ;))

I'm thinking from now on, I may leave the selling part to the 'experts' and I'll stick to the making part.


Renee said...

Goodness! That really took it out of you! Wow. Almost like you had a reaction to something ..? Hope you are able to recover quickly. We never know what surprises will come!

Jacqueline said...

I was so excited that you came! But I'm so sorry that it took the good out of you like that. I agree that next time you should leave the selling to Jake and you should just come hang with us. We'll make sure you get lots of rest. Jake really made an impression on a lot of people. He is such a good salesperson!

At Home on the Rock... said...

Thanks, Jacqueline -- We really enjoyed being there..Springdale is such a nice town and the people were all so friendly! It was great to see all of my Springdale friends!

There was another stressful situation I had been dealing with in the preceding few weeks and that no doubt played a hand in this.

No worries though...I was fully aware of what might happen (as it's happened many times before...and will most likely happen again.) I am getting used of living with these conditions...I just need to learn to pace myself. I'm doing better with this...but every once in awhile I forget and things get out of hand.

But...I would love to just hang out with all you guys. Next year when we come...we should make plans. ;)

I really think Jake would prefer to run the booth all by himself....but....Larry and I just aren't there...yet lol I know as we were leaving, many people were saying, "Good Bye Jake" and when I asked him who they were...he didn't know lol...

At Home on the Rock... said...

Thanks, Renee. I really need to pace myself better. Stress really does a number on me. I've been resting ever since...so hopefully this won't last too much longer.

Becky said...

Oh no! I am so sorry you aren't feeling well today. At least you have the beautiful ocean to watch;-)
Hope you are feeling better soon! Wish I could do more for you.