Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas, 2010

Christmas Eve -- Our family tradition is to have a special dinner, followed by a family sing-song and each opening one present before the kids hit the hay. I used to be the one playing the piano for everyone to sing, but since the kids can now play the piano...they do the honours.

Jake taking his turn


Here we go....get ready to sing...

Oh no...look at he for real? ask the teenagers...(just as a fyi....Larry loves to shake things up a bit by acting makes the teenagers unsure what to say ;)

Oh c'mon're not going to act that way all night...are you? Tyler trying to remain cool

Come on, Brittney...SING!!!

Oh Dad....Puleeezze!!

Tyler still trying to remain cool

O.K..fine.......I can sing by myself...

Ahh...two thumbs up....we finally got him to stop singing.

Tyler can now safely crack a bit of a smile

Not so fast.....I can pose just like all those stars do...see?

Oh mom....can you make him stop?

Even Tyler can no longer remain cool...

Brittney's turn at the piano...

Warming up for round two.

Jake is certain he can not only handle his Dad's goofiness....but outdo him...

Oh no....they've gone to the piano....I'm stayin' here

Having the words is much better...means Larry doesn't have to make up his own...

O.K...Tyler is here...not sure for how long

Tyler is almost certain these people cannot be related to him

Is there any question in anyone's mind where Jake gets it from???

Jake opening his one gift on Christmas eve. Only a gift card...he picked the wrong one to open

Jake had trouble sleeping, so he slept with us. I told him if he got up early, he was to take a picture of the clock, so I'd know what time he got up. When I woke up at 5:50....he was not with us. He was however, on the couch with the tv and the Christmas tree lights on. He showed me the it is....that *IS* 1:02 a.m. (I think he dozed a bit on the couch though)

Self-portrait at 1:02 in the morning. Does everyone look this wide awake at 1:02 a.m.? I'm fairly certain I don't

It's about 7:00 a.m. Tyler is still not sure about being up at this time...

Oh well....might as well join him...

Brothers chillin on Christmas Day...

Another tradition in our family...the candy table.

Hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas!


Renee said...

This was fun to see Linda....all that candy sure looks good!

Justme said...

What great pics! I, luckily, have been blessed by children that don't get up until about 8 a.m....even on Christmas morning! (could be the threat of death hanging over them...)
Looks like you guys had a wonderful Christmas!

dominique said...

Loved that. Felt like I shared the day with you through the narration and the photos! :-)