Wednesday, December 29, 2010

More visiting

We're always amazed at the number of people we run into who've had reasons for moving to Newfoundland that are similar to ours. Many in our own town fall into this very category.

Shortly after we arrived here in Pouch Cove, I was searching on-line for info about the town. I wanted to send links with pictures back home to our friends and family. While searching, I came across a website which contained beautiful pictures of Pouch Cove. Turns out....the owner of the site was also here because of similar reasons to our own.

We'd met Bob and his wife Po at various functions around 'town' (our well as 'town'...which is really St. John's). At the last one, they invited us to their place for a pre Christmas visit.

Despite the heavy rains and high was a great visit. We always enjoy talking to people who 'get' and 'see' the same beauty of Pouch Cove as we do. Great conversation and Bob showed us his beautiful photographs he's taken. (Bob's site can be found here...lots of amazing photos)

Great visit guys!

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