Saturday, April 2, 2011

Excellent explanation of M.E. (CFS)

The guy in these videos is doing a series on ME (CFS). All of them are excellent, but this first one posted below (it's #2 in the series) gives a great description/introduction/overview of the illness for those unfamiliar with it. He covers all the points of ME/CFS and, as you can's sooo much more than just 'fatigue'. These are just the tip of the iceberg though and in the second video, he gets into more details. (Thanks, Dominique for pointing these out)

All things with this illness are frustrating....beginning with the name and the way it is diagnosed. One must experience the severe symptoms for a minimum of six months! Imagine with any other illness having the Dr. say,

"You have a lump? Oh well....come back in six months and if it's still there, we'll take a look at it."


"You're having pains in your chest? Well, give it six months and if they're still happening, we'll check it out."


"Seizures? Are you sure? Maybe you need to get out more. Come back and six months and we'll take a look at it."

As with any illness, quicker diagnosis allows for better treatment and better chances of recovery. Why should this one be any different? Waiting six months is just nonsense. I certainly knew during my first six months that something was wrong. I now know, during those six months I did things which worsened my condition. At the end of six months, I felt worse (just as anyone with any illness left untreated for six months would).

At any's more info about ME (CFS).....

He goes into more detail in this one.

I'm looking forward to the rest of them, hopefully he'll reveal what worked so effectively for him and his treatment.


upnorth said...

I, too always thought that was odd. Well you have mono, but after 6mo we'll consider calling it something else despite the fact that nothing's changed.

Hopefully they find a diagnositic marker soon.

Renee said...

So very true Linda...waiting would not happen with other illnesses and left untreated. Thank you for posting these and giving me a new perspective of the needing to have the symptoms 6 mon. or longer!

dominique said...

I'm glad you liked the videos Linda. I think he does a very good job in explaining ME.

It sounds to me like he may have or have had ME so this is very personal for him.

upnorth: I have always found that odd too. Why would you call 'mono' something elese, or call something else 'mono', when nothing changes?