Sunday, April 17, 2011

Off to College

Last week, Tyler learned he's been accepted into the program of his choice, so come the fall, he'll be heading off to college.

Way to go, Tyler! Congrats!!!

This means moving to another province (about 3000 kms away....not that I'm counting or anything).

A lot of mixed emotion at home, I must admit. Jake was quite upset at the thought of his big bother moving so far away. He expressed many thoughts about it as well, statements like:

"I like this family just the way it is and I don't want it to break apart."


"I'd rather be stupid and stay home than go away to college just so I can be smart."

After a lot of talks though, he's more accepting of the idea.

Tyler has worked hard to get to this point. Being a homeschooler, meant no "official high school transcript", which was a road block he had to work around.

The thing that goes against conventional thinking though, is his program of choice.


That in itself is not unusual, but the fact he has ended up choosing this field, is. In our years of homeschooling, we covered the academic subjects: Math, English, Science, Chemistry, Physics, French, History/Geography/Social Studies and Music (through outside piano lessons). Phys. Ed. was covered through normal, everyday activities, like bike riding, walking, road hockey etc. We never, however, covered art. Never. Not one single class.

In the beginning, our work days started at 7:45 a.m. The deal was, when the day's book work is done, you're done for the day. This schedule usually translated into working until about 11:00, followed by lunch, practicing piano and then chores. That left the rest of the day "free" for them to explore something of their own interest. Some may think they would choose to spend this time watching tv or playing video games, but this was not an issue.

It was during this "free" time, Tyler developed an interest in cartooning. At first, he didn't tell us. He wasn't hiding it, he just didn't think it was a big deal. When I walked into his room one day though and saw all of them arranged over the bed....I was more than a bit surprised. There were several of them, all cartoon stories, all drawn, coloured and written by hand.

Here are some of his first cartoons... (click to enlarge)

From that point on, he'd use any spare time he had to work on his cartoons -- Holidays (he'd lug all of his materials from van to hotel room), while waiting for Brittney and Jake to complete their piano lessons, even some nights after lights were supposed to be out.

One time he showed his work to a professional artist and his comment was, "Wow, you're art teacher must be very impressed with your work." Wish I could take some credit, but I can't. Up until this point he's been all self-taught but that is about to change. He's looking forward to this next challenge and it's one we're certain he's up for.


Renee said...

How wonderful for your son! To know what direction he wants to go and have a gift to share with the world like he does...Super!
Congrats to him!!

dominique said...

As I said before, I feel like your family has become part of mine so I am one proud mama for Tyler right now!

Congratulations Tyle. Impressive.

I love that he is being allowed to pursuit his true passion artistically. There are so many barriers to us creative types doing that.

Can't wait to hear about what Tyler does next.

Shannon said...

That is fantastic!!! Congratulations, Tyler!