Saturday, February 25, 2012

Interesting Insight

from Brittney today. She posted the following on her Facebook page:

"For those who are in piano lessons....even if it is sooo boring and hard... don't give it up! I absolutely love sitting down and playing now! So relaxing! Thanks mom(Linda) for making me stay with it :) "

So much for the thinking that says we shouldn't make our kids do anything they don't want to do! There have been some very intense moments over the years...let me tell you ;) However....she stuck with it (wasn't always her choice ;) ) and is obviously glad today that she did. Me too --- I just love to hear her play!


Renee said...

There is always that tug and pull isn't there. So glad you have your daughters thanks for continuing her in piano even during the tough times. Been there myself! I love hearing our daughter play too...and she teaches piano now!

Dominique said...

Isn't that lesson so true of so many things in our lives like getting well, making it through a day and so on.

Thanks for the reminder Linda.

BTW, my apologies for not commenting. I somehow lost all my subscription feeds and couldn't figure out how to reset them.

But I'm getting them back up now so all is good!