Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Jake and His Magazine Interview


Jake was recently interviewed by the Homeschooling Magazine Homeschool Horizons about his cookie business

The story starts with...

"Young Entrepreneurs – Pouch Cove Cookie Company

Here at Homeschool Horizons, we recognize that the Entrepreneurial Spirit is alive and well in the homeschool community. With parents who encourage children to develop their passions, and budding business people who are not trapped all day in a classroom, we believe that the future of creative business is in these vibrant youngsters.

We’d like to introduce you to Jake, the future Cookie King of Newfoundland:"

For the rest of the here



Renee said...

wonderful wonderful! Congrats to Jake!

Amanda said...

Your family is such an inspiration to me and I love reading about what they are doing. You do such a fabulous job with them!! I know you are proud of them but my hat is off to you. Kids don't turn out the way yours have by chance and it takes lots of support, guidance, encouragement and a whole lot of other things from mom and dad for this to happen.