Sunday, February 19, 2012

Next Steps for Brittney

Seems like yesterday she was like this .....

and now.....

It's hard for me to believe, but we now have two children in post secondary education.

Brittney has been busy for some time mapping out a route for her future. She took into consideration many things...such as...

~ Her deep interest in Science (Biology). Many times she's gotten way off track from her other studies because she couldn't put the Biology book down.

~ Her life-long interest in food *grin*

~ My health issues and improvement through alternative treatments (homeopath, naturopath, holistic nutrition)

~ Her own health improvement and overall well being through the same naturopath and holistic nutrition

A Holistic Nutritional Consultant.

From there she researched schools and courses until she found one that met her needs. It was a long route tweaking here and there but now that she's decided, it is a perfect fit for her. Once done this course, she wants to also pursue massage therapy but will concentrate on one area at a time.

She's registered, the books have arrived and she's now on her way. She's also started her own blog found here in case you want to follow along her journey.

Way to go, Brittney!

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upnorth said...

Good for her....I share similar passions. Biology is LOTS of work, I took 2 degrees at once all those years ago and the science is harder due to all the labs...but if she loves it, worth it of course.