Thursday, January 31, 2008

Entrepreneur in the making (click to enlarge)

Jake is our budding entrepreneur. As mentioned in a previous post, he is always coming up with ideas for various business ventures.

In September of 2006, at the ripe old age of 8, he sold marshmallows at the side of the road. Initially, there was some discussion about the price he should/could charge per marshamellow. He thought $50.00 each would be a good price, mom wasn't convinced that was such a good idea. Much discussion followed.....his argument --- he wouldn't need to sell many in order to make a lot of money. Mom countered with he couldn't sell them for that much money to which he replied, "Why can't I?.....I've got my sign and my marshmallows....what more do I need?"

It was finally agreed upon that .10 ea would be a better starting point. Much to mom's surprise (and everyone else's too), he made $6.37.

The summer of 2007 brought a much more focused approach. He gave it some thought, made some plans, made some signs and finally decided rocks for sale would be good, followed by some of his drawings and the last of his summer ventures ---- selling cookies.

He made $7.00 selling rocks (just plain ole pictures or paintings...just rocks). He went on to sell his drawings....making $7.00 at this. He really cashed in on the cookies though.....after all of his expenses he made $49.00.

He's already working on this summer's idea. It's top secret but it's even more of an organized event than other years.

Homeschooling allows us so much flexibility. It not only allows each to develop their own interests but also allows them to be more creative in achieving their goals. Jake has learned so many skills with these ventures --- math (making change, counting money), planning/organziation/goal setting, creativity (being allowed to develop and try out new ideas) to name only a few.

Jake has also declared himself as the Prime Minister of Pouch Cove. He puts his suit jacket on and gets quite official looking. After he conduts his "official duties", he has many questions about real politics....which leads to some great discussions and learning on his part.

It's interesting, watching each of the children develop their gifts and interests. Most of them are surprises to us, nothing that we would have ever guessed. We're glad of the opportunity to watch each of them unfold at their own speed.

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Penelope said...

I agree, Linda, homeschooling is wondering - especially with outside the box thinkers (which I think we all are if given the opportunity).

I love reading about Jake's endeavours!