Sunday, January 27, 2008

Watching and Waiting For Icebergs


O.K......I have a bit of a confession to make.....I didn't actually take these pictures of the icebergs. Nor did I even see this particular one. However, my neighbour did see them and she was the one who took the pics. And.....the best part --- she took them right out in front of what is now our place! Apparently, it got 'stuck' in the bay and was so interesting to see the way it changed shape as it was battered by the water, the wind and most likely up against the rocks.

We've only ever seen one --- it was quite a small one (as far as icebergs go) floating out in the middle of Conception Bay. That was one July when we were staying in Bauline.

We are so eagerly anticipating seeing some icebergs (we'll settle for even one at this point.) I think I've heard June is when they're most apt to come along. will be done....we're going to get ourselves a park bench or two, plant in amongst these trees......and watch and wait for an iceberg.

Hopefully, we won't be disappointed.

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Linda said...

What a lovely thing to look forward to.